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Voxel Snipes


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Hey, recently we had talked about adding in voxel sniper as a plugin for use by people who have demonstarted that they understand and are trusted to use the plugin

(for those who dont know, it is a building plugin designed chiefly for terraforming but has many other uses)

I am completely on board with this, and i think there should be a test to get a license so noobs dont accidentally brush in a giant ball and crash the server,

and i think it would be cool if once you earn ur license, you get a rather large plot (has to be big bc in order to make cool stuff, youll need plenty of space) and once it has the ok by wabuf, it could get added into the survival world or added to an area where people can check out your work, an maybe we could have an architectural competition (not major, like a side one) for people with a license to have a build off for cool stuff, or i could make an arena and fill the ground with ores and stuff and we could have a special UH hosted on one of the terraformed arenas



ok sry, i have way to many ideas for this.

Point is, YES to adding this plugin, and i think there is a lot of cool stuff that could be done with it,

so wabuf, ADD IT IN :)



with terraformed awesome,


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I wish there was a way to add another map where that other map would be running completely independently on another server. I know this would create massive sync issues combined with all plugins needing to report to centralized databases, etc... but if we could have it that way, then I would make that map exclusively VoxelSniper with no hesitation.


Currently, there is way too much snipers would be able to screw up. For example: Someone clicks and drags a 15 diameter sphere of torches with the arrow tool .. the millions of torches itemize .. server go BOOM.

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