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New Settlement: Deathmarch


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I have decided to found a new town in TCR,

this town shall be built in the area restored by project Greenthumb,

You can find the build site past the site of city hall an lazys "Adveture shack" where i have started the main road.

This will be for more serious players who will build larger more "epic" homes,

and is essentially a step up from townville if youd like to think of it like that.

I have started it near townhall, but a fair distance away, and i may expand it in the direction of townhall if the residents so wish.

you might say the road will not span in "one direction" as it will be flexable due to the new space.



Cya guys there,


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Reference area:

Townhall will soon be where the apartments are (two square, brick buildings; low center).


Sounds like a good idea for newer players, especially since traffic increases around the holidays.

But besides that town hall plot, I may need a small 15x15-ish area for the weather and time control tower. The fortunate new inhabitants of your town will be able to enjoy access to these controls. ;D

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