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Merry Christmas Everyone


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Merry Christmas, yo.


I had a hunch, only no time to devote to pursuing it. Just good that we had an event of some sort for Christmas. I've been transitioning and have had too little time to be coordinating events.


My job started back up full-time, so I'll be doing 60 hours a week--conservatively. Good news is, I'll be making ludicrous amounts of money in which to purchase more servers, maybe a house for myself .. who knows. xD

I'll be back on a bit more once I settle into the 5:00 AM - 4:00 PM routine.


Anyway, I'm getting way psyched for the FTB launch. Can't wait to tackle twilight forest with a team! :)

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Good to see you making them full time bucks!


CAREFUL! (regarding FTB)


There have been reported cases of maps breaking when the server updates

Fix: Save the map as a myscraft age!


Yeap! I'll be glad to dive in the deep portal of the twilight forest with you!

Maybe kill the hydra :D

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Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all had a good one! Hope you all got to spend time with friends and family, got awesome gifts, and stuffed your mouth hole with food.


Tomorrow: driving through the massive storm about to hit the east coast :D

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Turns out a EF-1 tornado/water spout hit right after we passed that location. Just got done watching prometheous again (with the family this time) I also have the hunger games, $95, everything black ops 2 (game, shirt, hat, and guide), a Nerf gun, a game called smart mouth, alot of candy, and socks and underwear.

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