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To become a full, in-game member you must agree to these rules and regulations by posting a reply to this topic.


For example:

  • Reply with something like: I agree to the rules and regulations and wish to become a member.
  • Post!

Benefits of being registered through the forum:

  • You will have exclusive access to help through the use of our Private Messaging system
  • You will be on track to become white-listed on our other secure gaming servers
  • You will be able to upload and post photo and linked video in order for our staff to better aid you
  • You will be allowed a full week to appeal any offense as opposed to 48 hours for non-members

Have fun out there!

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Greetings Farengar,


Thanks for accepting our terms and welcome to TCR!

[INFO] User farengar11 promoted to Member group
[INFO] User farengar11 has been promoted to Member group on default ladder by console

Sorry for the slow response, staff has been unusually busy lately...

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Promoted Kathlyn853, friend of Eomair:

<[+] eomair> if you see wabuf or coaster, could you ask them to make my friend, kathlyn853, a member?

Welcome to TCR, Kathlyn!

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I agree to the terms and conditions and would like to become a member.



Also, I'd love to participate in an Ultra Hardcore game in the future. I've watched the Mindcrack team on Youtube and have been looking for a server similar to be an active part of. It seems from all that I've read on the site the past hour, nearly, that this is the closest I can find. Please add me, I'd love to join the server. Some more information.


IGN: BrandonTVineyard

Age: 16

Skype: BrandonTVineyard(I use my iPhone, so it may be loud in the background. I'll get a mic soon for my computer)

Computer Specs: Intel i5 Processor(not sure exactly what kind), 8GB RAM Memory, 1 TB HDD, GeForce GTX 650 1GB card, Mid tower MasterCooler case w/ blue neon lights.


Mods currently used: Optifine


Sorry for the long application thing, haha. I'm really wanting to become an active part of this Minecraft community. :)

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Hey Brandon,


Welcome to TCR. You are promoted on the main server and are on track for further white-list approval on our other servers.

The more information we have on our members, the better! We like to know that we can contact them through other means, what kind of hardware or network limitations they may have (your setup is very good on that scale), and other information that tells us you're willing to make new connections.


We will be organizing more UHC events--and the like, soon. Updates and plugin compatibility has completely changed the way we coordinate these events.



Thanks for reviewing and agreeing to our terms!

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Hello! ^^

I have read the terms of use, and have accepted them, and understand the consequences, etc. I would enjoy becoming a member of this community. Also, BrandonTVineyard, who was added a couple of weeks ago, as he says, knows me from the Ultrahardcore reddit. I look forward to playing on this server, and playing you guys's monthly UHC, if I'm accepted.



IGN: What_The_Fork

Age: 15

Skype: ischathecreeper (made when I was a lot younger. :P)

Computer Specs: Intel Core i5 (inside TM), 8 GB RAM, 750 GB of Memory, Radeon AMD Graphics Card.


Mods: None, other than the UHC SSP Mod, which is in 1.4.5, so I switch to that .jar sometimes.


Same as Brandon, sorry for the long application, but I am excited about joining this community.



I do live in Asia, so my connection is usually more than horrible. This would mean that during any special events, or just on the server in general, I would lag out like heck, most of the time.

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