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What happened to my baseball field?


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Well the baseball field i started and coaster made the stadium (he made another copy so i could make the field how i wanted and he had his version) and then i happen to fly by it in creative and unfourtatly i can not see who did this but to be honest it pissed me off. I am not going to sugar coat it because why bother, nobody even told me about this and i just want to know who did it because i do not apericate this happening... Because previously the field was not made out of nether brick....



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This was on our MOTD (the message everyone gets when they join) for 2 full weeks following the 1.4.6 update. 1.4.6 turned the "illegal" stone slabs (43:6 and 44:6) into Nether Brick slabs for some unknown reason.


In fact, I updated it many times a day for several days ongoing: Here. Apparently no one reads changelogs... xD


Ask a Mod or someone to change it back to stone slabs. I think 43:7 and 44:7 will honor the previous seamless texture of 1.4.5 and previous versions.

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