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Mowgli's Palace


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Just drive into ghost town, then take a right... I'm guessing you'll find it when you see a rainforest. :P


Honestly, I think that it's not on google maps because they don't want people to go there? I'm just guessing... Luckily I don't know where it really is...



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I just have a question. How do you know this place is real exactly?

I can't see any sort of place actually existing, just do a map search on Google Maps, there's no real area that would fit a resort, let alone a "Disney" resort :cry: They'd need a huge ass parking area to go with it being that Disney has a ton of marketing power.


I know the story is fake as the writer sort of goes off on a tangent. He should have left out the electricity and impossible physics junk. Would have been way more believable!


If you want a real "abandoned" resort, look up Geauga Lake in Aurora Ohio. Cedar Fair bought the park and a couple years ago closed it all down except for the water park, took some rides to their other parks and sold the rest off either as scrap or what have you.


Here have a picture:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Geaug ... e_2011.jpg


Here's your Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geauga_Lake

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