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So I'm not sure if everyone remembers ,but I have finally finished everything needed for the chunkrepublic gameshow

I obviously have not been working on it a lot ,but it is finished


I have


-Mashed together 2 Noxcrew Gameshow maps

-Built a neat railway system

-Built a meeting dome

-Acquired every single plugin needed [not alot]

-Done a fair amount of PEX coding

and lastly tested the maps in single player


So yeah.

It better be worth it


Anyhow! I will be sending Wabuf a pm with the link of everything once I know he has read this (a simple "sup" will do)


In other news



We will now need to assemble at least two teams of three

I was thinking maybe staff vs members vs members

If you see this thread just respond with anything. I want to make sure people are aware.


Q: BUT GANSTA?!?! What do you mean by gameshow?????

A: It will be an intense competition featuring 9 awesome mini games (Trust me they are not lame like spleef) that require teamwork

Q: BUT GANSTA?!??!?!?!??!? What server will you do this on?????

A: I'm hoping we can do this on the chunk main server as a saturday event


A: I have no idea. Please respond if you would like to try it out


I will not be playing. I know the maps too well and I will probably run it for everyone. Instead I will be host


Edit: Remember you HAVE to have a Skype

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