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Chronicles of Minecraftia Full Script


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"In the world of minecraftia, many people lived in kingdoms or small towns. Places like this are attacked everyday by griefers, pvpers, and robbers. The world was in a semi-peace state, atleast until "HE" came. He made an army of hundreds of thousands of mobs. The world fell to ruins Kingdoms were destroyed, thousands killed. Our story however begins only a day before this madness. Three best friends in a small town surrounded by mountains."


*Opening Scene Plays*


Ryan: "Hey Josh wanna go mining. We could use some new armor."

Josh: "Sure just let my get my stuff."

*Josh walks into his room. Nick enters house*

Nick: "Hey Ryan! Where's Nick?"

Ryan:"Hey Nick it's about time you got here bro. Josh is in his room getting some stuff to go mining. Hey you wanna come?"

Nick:"Sure ready when you guys are!"

*Josh enters room*

Nick:"Hey Josh. You guys ready to mine?"

Josh and Ryan:"Yep"

*Josh, Ryan, and Nick walk through their town to their cave*

Ryan:"Nick, Josh come over here I think I found a ravine!"

*Josh and Nick run over to Ryan*

Nick:"Be careful I see lava down there. Josh go and get some water-"

Josh: "Roger that"

*Josh walks towards the cave exit*

Nick:"-Ryan cover my six. I'm going to dig a stairway down."

Ryan:"Got it"

*Ryan shoots an incoming zombie*


2 hours later

*Josh walks out of cave and is startled by what he sees*

Josh: "OH SH*T

*Josh runs to get Ryan and Nick*

Josh:"RYAN, NICK!"

Ryan and Nick:"Yea?"


Ryan and Nick:"WHAT!?!"


*Ryan, Josh, and Nick Run out of the cave and see the burning town*

Ryan:"Oh my god"

Nick:"We have to put out the fires and save whoever and whatever we can."

Josh:"I have that water bucket here take it. I will make another"

*Josh gives Nick the water bucket*

Ryan:"I will make us all iron swords to fend off the monsters."

*The three of them worked hard to do what they could to help their town*

Nick:"I was able to save our beds, and weapons from the fire"

Ryan:"I couldn't find anyone but I salvaged some food and torches"


Nick:"Where does it lead?"

Josh: "It leads to The Kingdom of Notch"

Ryan:"The Kingdom of Notch? We should go there. There are many libraries we can find who destroyed our home"

Nick:"Lets rest first. I can make a shelter"


Ryan:"Nick hurry up and build the shelter!"

*Nick builds a small shelter*

Nick:"Done get in NOW!"

*Josh and Ryan run into the house. Nick shoots a skeleton and runs inside*

Nick:"I will make a fire and put beds down"

Ryan:"I will make something for us to eat"

Josh:"I guess I will get us some water"

*Josh walks out of the house with empty bottles*

*Scene cuts to josh getting water*

*rustling sound in bushes*

Josh:"Who's there?"

*No Answer*


*Another person steps into sight*


Josh:"Who are you?"

Kyle:"M-my names K-kyle. I'm not from ar-round he-here I just heard ex-explosions and went t-to check it ou-out.

Josh:"There's no need to be scared i'm not gonna hurt you"


Josh:"Really. Follow my"

*Kyle follows josh into the house*


Ryan:"I can't believe this happened"

Nick:"We didn't see any bodies maybe there are survivors."

*Josh walks into the house with kyle*

Josh:"Hey guys. This is kyle. I ran into him while getting water"

Nick:"Hi i'm Nick"

Ryan:"and i'm Ryan"

Kyle:"I saw your town while I was wondering around the forest"

Nick:"Yea josh found a map while we were looking for others. It leads to the Kingdom of Notch"

Kyle:"Sure I'd love to"

Ryan:"I made steak and potatoes for dinner go ahead and sit down I will bring it out"

*Nick, Kyle, and Josh sit down*

Kyle:"This food is great"

Ryan:"Me, Nick, and Josh always ate this on the mountains overlooking the town of ores"

Josh:"You guys want water?"

*Josh hands everyone a water bottle*


Nick:"I'm gonna get some sleep see you guys in the morning"

Josh:"Me too"

Ryan:"Kyle go ahead and get some sleep yourself. You can use my bed. I need to study this map"

Kyle:"Where are you gonna sleep"

Ryan:"Don't worry I will set a place up"

Kyle:"ok...well goodnight"

*Kyle walks to Ryan's bed and fall asleep

*scene cuts to Ryan*

*Ryan takes out the map and starts to study it. When he looks up he notices a shadow by the window*

Ryan:"What the.....must be my mind. I should get some sleep"

*the four of them wake up and prepare to leave*

Nick:"You guys ready?"

Ryan:"Yea just let me get the ma-"

Nick:"whats wrong?

Ryan:"There's a name written in blood on the map"

Josh:"What? Who?"


Nick:"oh my god."

Josh:"We need to go... NOW"

*The four run out of the house and into a swamp*

Ryan:"Where are we?"

Kyle:"The swamp of the dead"

Nick:"I heard bad tales about this place"

Ryan:"lets just keep mo-"


*An arrow flies past Ryan's head. Ryan returns fire and hits a skeleton in between the eyes*

Nick:"Nice shot"

Josh:"oh these guys are going down

Kyle:"Josh throw my a sword"

*Josh tosses Kyle a sword. Kyle catches the sword and stabs a zombie in the face.*

Ryan:"There's too many of them"

Kyle:"Guys follow me I see some boats"

*They run over to the river and hop into a boat*

Nick:"Where will the river take us?"

Kyle:"Out of the jungle. And it's a shortcut to the mines of the dwarves."

Ryan:"Good I'm getting sick of this place"

Josh:"There's some kind of-"


Kyle:"Wait don't attack we can use it to get to the kingdom the faster the better"

Nick:"Good point"

*Nick Jumps onto the dragon and gains control*

Nick:"Well you guys comin"

*The others hop onto the dragon*

Nick:"Steady now... Steady"

Ryan:"Well I'll be danmed"

Kyle:"What is it?"

Josh:"A city"

Kyle:"what should we do then"

Nick:"Go through it"

*Something hits the side of the dragon*

Josh:"What was tha-"



*Josh, Kyle, and Ryan jump onto a nearby building*

Nick:"Lets do this"

*Nick takes out his bow and an arrow with a long rope attached to it and Jumps off*


*Nick Shoots the arrow at a building and rappels down*

Ryan:"Thats what you call badass"

Kyle:"That was AWESOME can you teach me how to do that when this is all over"

Nick:"Sure if we survive"

Josh:"Guys I think you should see this"

*The three walk over to josh*

Ryan:"The Forges of the Dwarves"

Nick:"That dragon saved a lot of footwork."

Kyle:"well lets get a move on"

*they all walk into the forges*

Dwarf:"What are ye doin ere"

Ryan:"We are on our way to the kingdom of notch we need to pass through"

Dwarf:"An why ye be headin there"

Ryan:"Our town was destroyed we found a map went to bed and when we woke up we found the name Herobrine sketched onto the map. We need information"

Dwarf:"in that case follow me"

*the four follow the dwarf through the forges. when they get to the exit the dwarf stops*

Dwarf:"Before you go I would like to ask if I could tag along. I've heard the legends of this herobrine"

Nick:"Sure just don't fall behind"

*The four and the dwarf exit the forges*

Dwarf:"My name is Drago. I am the king of the dwarves Herobrine destroyed my kingdom a few weeks ago. I would like some revenge"

Kyle:"It's best not to say his name. Saying it three times in a row will summon him and its too early for that"

Drago:"He. Was once a great man. 'He' was Lord Notch's brother. But one night he was brutally murdered in his sleep. Notch found him dead in his room. He was surrounded by diamond blocks and his eyes were pure white and he had a smile on his face. The next day during his funeral his body was missing then a deep evil voice filled the air saying 'Revenge my brother. Revenge then may I rest in peace'. Well he never his revenge because the townfolk forced him to flee. Now he's back and he's one Pissed off Sonofa bitch."

Ryan:"here we are. The kingdom of notch"

Nick:"We need to find the library"

Drago:"No follow me we will talk to the creator himself"

Ryan:"We can talk to notch?:

Drago:"Of course me and him were friends since the beginning of minecraftia. I was also friends with his brother. Atleast until he was murdered in cold blood.You cant blame him for wanting revenge on the killer. But now he's seeking revenge on everyone."

Voice:"Indeed he is."

Kyle:"Is that"

Drago:"Notch my old friend. It's been so long"

Notch:"Yes it has drago. too long"

Ryan:"My lord. Our home was destroied and I found this written in blood on the map"

*Ryan hands notch the map*

Notch:"Then it is worse than I thought he has returned but not dead, He is now very much alive and will stop at nothing for revenge"

Voice:"Right you are brother and nobody can stop me."

Notch:"You can take revenge on your killer brother but you wont hurt anybody else. They are under our protection"

Voice:"We will see about that. You were strong before brother but now you weak. If you all really do care for minecraftia then fight and die an honorable death."

Notch:"War is not the way brother"


Notch:"Very well. If thats what you want. War it is"

*the voice fades away*

Notch:"Do what you need to stop him"

Ryan:"Gather everyone to the center of the kingdom"

*All the citizens of the kingdom of notch travel to the center*

*A man comes out of the shadows and clashed swords with josh*


*the man just laughs, pulls out a dagger and stabs josh*


*Josh Takes out a grenade*


*the grenade explodes killing josh and the attacker"

Ryan:"JOSH NO"

Nick:"Good bye ...old friend"


Ok guys i ran outa time again I will put the rest up later.

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