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Why hello there, nice to see that you are reading this and since you are i will like to say in advance this is a little bit of a rant but I feel like it is needed (other people may not, but i do not think like them).


It has come to my attention over the past few months that the "Community" aspect of this server is, well to say it politely weak. I do know that everybody has their own lives and is hopefully making the best of them but personally when i have been playing on the server it is not as much fun as it once was. I do not know completely why pvp was taken out, if it was people were to afraid to lose their gear or because people get their panties in a bunch when they lose a pvp fight, but since there is no more pvp it may aswell be on peaceful difficulty. If we were to have pvp back i would suggest we make certain areas "PvP Enabled" and some areas (like towns) "PvP Disabled". I do doubt this will happen since not to many people are PvP enthusiastic, but if it is a organized fight that is fair and you keep all your items if you die then i say it i'd pretty fair. And a easy solution to this bedrock deathchest shenanigins is to keep your items when you die unless you commit suicide and when you respwan you have to earn back your levels.


Well those are my words of thought and since i am pretty sure someone will tell me the reasons why we cannot do this my answer is "I understand, these were just some suggestions, not a argument starter so do not get your panties in a bunch" and quickly going back to the community thing i think what is wrong with the "Community" we have and the people that do get along is that everybody gets upset when somebody does something to them on accident or on purpose (i understand if it was on purpose) but i think we all should try to get along, even the worst of enimies (you know who you are) and if not i will be doing my thing while watching what happens with the "Community" we have.


And if ANY of this offended you well FU- ehm i mean, these are MY opinions i do not care if you think differently but everybody does have a right to voice their opinion without getting imediatly knocked down and saying it is horrible or they have a bad attitude or they are not mature, right? Anyway I will be offering my appoligies at Noon Pacific Time tomorrow if you were offened i never meant to offend anybody, and yes i was being a little cocky even though you might have thought i was a bit more. Meh, remember everybody has their own opinions and i hope i have the right to post this without a huge argument starting. And i do apologize if i made a couple gramar mistakes, since i usually do not post long forums posts like this.


But to sum this up nicely for people who lost track i personally believe we should become a better communtiy and at least not hate one another, so hopefully we can deal with being on at the same time.


Well that's it for me, time to go live my life and hopefully when i am back there is a post or two on here that isn't either angry with me or someone else, becasue if we argue with eachother constantly what type of "Community" are we?

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I read it. Problem was, there wasn't really any good "town" based plugins. I haven't been keeping up to date on them either, but I did a quick search and found http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/muni/


The author mentions using Grief Preventions for individual plot management. Though, we will see what all is available when 1.5 gets released and Bukkit gets updated during that time. Honestly, the only reason why I'm waiting to do anything major.


If we do go with this town style, then I guess PVP would be anywhere a town isn't set.

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Glad to see you taking advantage of your liberties here on the forum. That's what it's here for. (;


PVP is on. Has always been, and always will be. You're likely attempting to fight in protected areas. I try to prevent physical contact between players and mobs alike, within places of habitation and commerce. PVP is disabled in places like spawn, shops and member properties.


Another possible misconception: We are not dedicated to facilitating factions and/or sanctioned PVP matches. We don't claim to do so. We are recreational miners, builders, explorers and redstone hobbyists participating in a capitalist economic environment. We are about having fun, showing off our creations, getting rewarded, and being as wealthy as we want; provided we put forth some effort.


This is why we previously held UHC events: to satisfy members like yourself who wish for more controlled PVP interaction. If this gaming community remained our #1 priority, things would likely be much more exciting and we'd have multiple UHC matches every week. But we would be fat, unemployed slobs still living with our parents at age 30 and wearing the same underwear 3 days in a row. We're in a period of transition in terms of finding full-time staff. Currently, Coaster and myself are the only two who have full access to all back-end operations. We hope to change this soon so we can better organize growth.

And Coaster, I would love to see a good community plugin put into place. Knock yourself out! :D

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Truth lazy!

I often asked myself why 1.7 minecraft was so much more enjoyable.

Probably because the people were so nice.

Cookiethief pretty much gave me his house.

No annoying "call" features because everyone were right next to each other.


I could walk outside my house and see 5 people Normally Jcivilis, Maseface, Nubees, Cookiethief, and Mythil

Then again, that was before the 12 year old minecraft attack.



I don't think I ever competed for diamond armor or wore it.

There was absolutely no PVP mistakes because everyone knew each other.

We were all busy making our houses look nice or building new ones for other people.

Honestly I don't think anyone ventured further than the spawn.

I can't remember ever building a house on a road that wasn't paved by an admin


The admins could actually do eventful things because the members weren't so darn stubborn.


I also think building a more public library where people could leave books and read them would be nice.

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Now I'm not gonna say what I've always said, and neither will I gloat that now somebody agrees with me on the fact that the community has taken a severe hit in the head after well... Yeah, let's not get into that.

But without meaning to cause offense to anyone, and especially Wabuf who will be the one to take offense to this, and I really, for once, mean none by it.


The community has taken a hit, a very severe one, interactions wise, because that is simply not the kind of system Wabuf is trying to achieve, and the people that play here are FINE with that development, because it wasn't their main intention.

I will give Wabuf full credit as to trying to promote an interactive and fun community, but it falls flat on it's face because staff is absent a lot, not Wabuf's fault, but he's the one getting the blame.

Wabuf's attempts, as genuine as they are, have been powerful, and in the best of intentions, however, they lack simplicity, because the common player doesn't want to get their head around a bunch of mods to try to sort out something as simple as currency.

And yes, I feel like a bit of a prick bringing this up again, but I do believe that an economy without mods, would work just fine, as it has proven time and time again.


Now, as the frequent forum goers of the past will have noticed, there has been lots of banter between myself and Wabuf, and well staff in general.


And the reasons for this has most frequently been differences in opinion. (Not counting my two strikes, but I won't get into that now)


Wabuf get's all the flak for everything wrong, because he's the one expected to be in charge, and fix things, and running a server with many people leaves many people to please, and simply it can't be done with people being as different as they are.


As many, probably the majority will agree with me in, both myself, for poking the incredibly annoyed, sleepy bear, and Wabuf for trying to be a leader in figure, without having the energy to really be it at times.

And I'm not the only one to see it, and honestly, I applaud the effort.


Simply put of the above, the server isn't about an interactive community in that sense as it once was, and the staff, has no intention of pulling it that way, it's perfectly reasonable, and part of the reason I stopped caring.


And to finish this up in my usual style and with the same ethical standards as I usually have, whoever thinks this isn't reasonable should take the time out of his or hers day to kill themselves, don't be offended, it's just an opinion of some freak on the internet.

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I totally agree with you Lars, and no offense taken. I expect the brunt of the blame.


The past few days of discussion on the subject of change have been very good. I will soon be taking all of these suggestions and opinions into consideration and uniting our community in the simplest way possible. We will start by making both of our servers public and starting over each main map (the main server's creative will remain since it's new). We will get rid of needlessly overpowered modifications and launch a purely RS/trade economy.


Please remember something: I don't have enough imagination, creativity or time to entertain everyone's demands. This is my small amount of free time at work. It's up to the individual to take their part and make it dynamic. A community of followers will eventually fail.


And so, my fellow Americans Gamers: ask not what your country Minecraft community can do for you—ask what you can do for your country Minecraft community.

.. lololol
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