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a few problems with windows 8


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Ok I just wanted to let you guys know that since Windows 8 is still in beta it has some problems. So before you get if you are getting it just know that:

Few games actually work (Windows 7 for gaming recommended)

Some built in webcams stop working (including mine)

New setup can be confusing for a little while


That's all I encountered so far but having a webcam and unable to use it is annoying :/

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In case you were mislead, Windows 8 is most definitely not in beta... The fully supported Windows 8 was distributed on October 10th, last year. Source: Microsoft - "Windows 8" Product Lifecycle.


With your webcam, download the driver. Everything with Windows 8 is compatible out of the box. Microsoft admitted to not having changed a lot in that respect; i.e. drivers, codecs, libraries, general architecture compatibility, etc.


I get where you're coming from with the confusion. The interface is certainly different, in a retroactive way. I personally will never use Windows 8 on a daily basis, which is the first Microsoft OS that has ever completely driven me away. Just think of the new 'Metro' screen as bloatware (stuff that's installed by default, but really shouldn't be). Definitely save your monies and hold on to your copy of 7 or better yet, XP.

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