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Map Restart


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I speak on behalf of everyone this has been without question one of the worst times in this community. The loss of 2 mods or even more was a devastating blow. I have jumped onto the server to find that many agreed with me. I would really enjoy it if we restarted the map to attempt to remake what 1.7 brought to us. We want redstone as the economy again. We want things to be much more simpler. We need to try and revive the survival world. The new creative world was a grand idea and so I'm hoping a new survival world will work as well too. The best thing we can do is start from scratch.


Thank You

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I am one of those who strongly agrees. We should go back to a much simpler time and i think if we restarted and went from scratch again it would revive the old part of me that could play for hours upon hours on the server i really believe this is what would be best for the community. Thank you for bringing this idea to light gansta!

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I've voiced myself aplenty on this, so it should be safe to say I agree.

Simplicity is key, as it ever has been and I applaud the community for taking a step in the right direction.


Now, this is the theme song for this little adventure. Full with twists and climaxes.

Listen, or murder happens. All the way to the end.

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I've wanted to go back to that for a loooong time, but guess what: it was all of you who originally pushed this community toward intellectual capital and a 'paper' currency system. Back in the time of *

, there were very few people who enjoyed and used the system properly. Few who actually appreciated the legitimacy of wealth that this system provided our members. Hence, I was ultimately pushed to run iConomy again--which is a much more complex system to equalize.


If we can somehow get rid of mass production via villager trading, we can go back to RS.


*This video takes place on the 1.7 map. However, it was produced shortly after the 1.8 update.

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Now, Wabuf, we all remember you being the main advocate for iConomy, but sadly I can't go back to find the posts where you and I were talking, not shouting, back and forth about it because it has gone missing, so most I could find was this one where you were shouting at Zoa for calling out a flaw in your system, and you hadn't the sense to fix it.




Really, Wabuf, I know you mean well and all, but drop this mask of pride, please.

And I remember you bringing up the point of the redstone again, and we were talking back and forth about it countless time, and then someone brought up that we just used Lapis instead and we were all so happy and having a good time until you decided to tie the two together, rather than save the server the hassle and just let lapis be money on its own.

Really, lapis would work just fine, it has NO interference with the villager trading.

All we have to do, is pick materials that can't be obtained through villager farms.

Lapis being one of them, diamonds being another.

So, yeah, it IS possible, it WAS possible, but you were one to advocate against it.


But alas, that's not why I'm here now, to argue who got the idea first, or whether or not it was, or is, a good idea.


I am here to argue that it IS possible, doable, AND what the community wants.

You really don't have to make a plugin to handle the economy, really you could do just fine by making a Market forum, for people to sell their items and arrange times to meet, sweet and lovely, huh?


I would personally set up an escrow business if you want to handle transactions whilst offline, as long as it's ALL done by people, not some magical teleport thing.


Same goes for the death chest thing, and yeah, now I am flinging suggestions.

Part of the fun of Minecraft is the fear of death and the possibility to restart all over again, and the sign thingy removes that. It's simply a bad choice, for a server without pvp, as it removes EXCITEMENT, and yes, people will probably whine about it, but those are the people who want an easy ride.


If you're gonna restart things, restart it ALL.

Take time with your mods, and the more intelligent in your community, to TALK about what you want to base the server around.

I'm not asking you to pander to people, I'm asking you to hear people's opinions, arguments, and make a decision for the good of the server, and the community it will sport.


In the end, the server shapes the community.

So be the best server you can, right?

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I agree we need to completely restart.


We should spend time on restarting the map. The last thing we want after restarting the map are people complaining that they don't like the direction it's headed in.


This map we have to get right.

We have to decide and argue on these things (please add more if I miss one)


1. Economy

2. Worlds (Do we want skylands back? Is it worth the lag it may bring?)

3. Spawn (Do we want it to be large or small? Do we want towns?)

4. PVP (Do we not want it? Will be bored if we don't have it?)

5. DeathChest (Does it make survival wimpy?)

6. /Call Function (Does this cause people to spread apart? They can just simple get warped to their friends anyways)

7. Gamemode ( Should we give it to Veterans?)

8. Mini Games (Should we bring these back ex: Mythil's mining quest / A working Casino)

9. Roads (Should we make these a standard? As in you need to have one leading to your house? Used to get people to live near eachother.)

10. Shops (Should we have them? Or do we meet face to face like real men/women? I think Mythil posted a good trade station blueprint )

11. Warps (Should we only have warps for important things Ex Spawn and Townville nothing else....)

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1. Iconomy has to go. Things should just be item to item. We never use the CRB anyways

2. I want skylands back even if we get some lag

3. A small spawn with only ONE or TWO roads leading out of it would be nice. I want towns.

4. I want it

5. I don't want it

6. I don't want this. Not having this will force people to live near each other hopefully making an actual multiplayer experience

7. I think we should give it to Veterans.

8. Yes, I'll probably build some very close to spawn

9. Yes, We need people to stick together

10. We should not have shops. A trading station would be nice though

11.Warps only for extremely important places

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Personal perspectives on your criteria:


[*:2bu9s0v3]Economy: RS/trade, minus villager trading

[*:2bu9s0v3]Worlds: Main, Nether, End & Creative

[*:2bu9s0v3]Spawn: Open, sprawling spawn full of gardens, fountains and chubby, winged babies

[*:2bu9s0v3]PVP: Heck yeah

[*:2bu9s0v3]DeathChest: Yes, it makes survival wimpy. Get rid.

[*:2bu9s0v3]/Call Function: Takes the adventure and community bond out of SMP

[*:2bu9s0v3]Gamemode: No. Only staff and only when absolutely necessary

[*:2bu9s0v3]Mini Games: Yes to casino, only if it accepts RS input

[*:2bu9s0v3]Roads: I'm the biggest fan of a good road network (I'll even spend the time to legitimately build them, lol)

[*:2bu9s0v3]Shops: Yes, we're capable of using ChestShop with--and only with RS input/output

[*:2bu9s0v3]Warps: I really don't like imaginary, command-based warps. I move that we should bring back VoxelPort (the one where you walk through a physical portal)Good criteria, by the way. I think everyone should fill out your evaluation.

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My thought about this

1. Bring RS back. Like back to what it was long time ago. Don't use villager trading to obtain the stuff, and don't bring any of the new stuff in.

2. Have main world with the normal things like nether/end and then a creative.

3. Don't really care how that looks, but just something simple atleast

4. Yes we should have pvp here.

5. Get rid of this crap junk.

6. Nope, get rid of it.

7. No gamemode for anyone i'd say, except for some important things.

8. Can have some, where? i don't know.

9. We can have them, but don't know how easy it would be :P

10. Should be shops where the owner should be on i'd say

11. No warps, not even between main and nether/end. Get to the portal.

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Well first off before i start getting all confused is are we going to re start the map or just remove some plugins and make it like the map was before the 1.3 update? And personally i thinkhaving multiple nether portals that lead to different places will be bettetr than all of them going to one place. I am totally fine with re starting the map although it will be a little sad for me and i think some other people that will lose all there diamonds and other things ex. my sheep farm with every colour. But this is what the fun of minecraft is (well to me) going mining to find all your loot and breeding animals and making huge farms of whatever food. So i am totally up for re starting the map.

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Be sure to go back a page and read prior discussion before replying. The VoxelPorts I spoke of earlier are not Nether portals and will not fix that issue. The issue of all Nether portals linking to one is a much deeper problem within SMP Minecraft. VoxelPorts will allow us to hot-link only the most important places. VPs also work between worlds.


We've been on this map for nearly 9 months and it is well due to be refreshed. Starting a map from scratch and never allowing creative-use in the main world for any reason will prolong the life of our next world. Also, as Mythil and several others can attest to; limitation gives birth to creativity.

In terms of people being sad about the loss of their old builds, everyone will be in the same situation.

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My thoughts on the whole affair:

1. Definitely get rid of Economy as its pretty useless because nobody actually uses CRB's.

2. I would definitely love to have Skylands back even though it brings lag but its nothing too bad.

3. The spawn shouldn't be too complex (Water Fountains etc.) as it also brings lag.

4. Yes, definitely need PVP.

5. I do like Deathchest as its a safety cushion but I agree with the rest of you, it's buffs out the survival aspect.

6. I vote for removing of /Call.

7. No, It should be reserved for Admins and Mods.

8. I don't remember any minigames so I'm neutral for this one.

9. Roads are a very good idea and it'll make the whole server look nice and organised.

10. Yes, I loved when I had a shop to run

11. Warps should only be Voxelport because this magical command warps are just stupid.


Hope this could help :D

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1. Economy - Item based. Whatever you can come up with. I liked restone myself, but whatever sort of "material" should do, maybe do lapis or something. I pushed for iConomy because just about every plugin is compatible with it and made the server faster to be configured. We can do without it I suppose as I don't use it anyways.

2. Worlds - I say Survival and Creative. I suppose we could bring Skyblock back, however, we should keep our server compact by putting it somewhere in the Survival world if possible (like over an ocean - yeah it's not the void, but it'd be easier on resources)

3. Spawn - Spawn should be our "Welcome" center / area. I would like to have it as a shopping district like we did on the Glacier map.

4. PVP (- Yes, we have it anyways, but yeah we'll have it.

5. DeathChest - I say it should be removed. While I liked it, newbies will wreck havoc by littering the landscape with chests.

6. /Call Function - never used it, so I guess get rid of it lol.

7. Gamemode - Nah, survival baby! I abuse it anyways.

8. Mini Games - I'm a sucker for mini games. Though, sadly, there's no Casino based plugin that works anymore that I know of.

9. Roads - Yes, I have a thing about roads. Even if I have to build them.

10. Shops - Yes, while I would like to have NPCs be used, I guess the simple Chest Shop should suffice.

11. Warps - As far as I'm concerned, you have the usual /home and /spawn. We could have a central warp system for the towns I guess.(tbh I want the Hot Air Balloons back) :D


1.5 was gonna be the overhaul of the server anyways. I think that's in two weeks ish.

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1.5 was gonna be the overhaul of the server anyways. I think that's in two weeks ish.

Yeah lol, that's almost exactly the timeframe I had in mind. And I agree - no doubt, I will optimize for server speed. We'll have a barebones setup. I'll start with Bukkit, PEX and our banned-players.txt; shouldn't be much to do after that besides MultiInv for auto-gamemode and separate inventories.


Regarding the worry of lag: if fountains give you lag, you probably don't meet minimum system requirements for Minecraft. I was joking about those anyway! (;

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1. Economy- I believe we should just be item based because I know that I as well as many others really don't use CRBs

2. Worlds- I say we just keep what we have now with Survival, Creative, and Nether

3. Spawn- I'd like to see just a basic welcome center which is easy to navigate with some nice scenery

4. PVP- Yes but shouldn't abuse its use

5. DeathChest- No this really does take away one of the main points of survival I believe if you die you die.

6. /Call Function- I think we should get rid of it I really liked the way it used to be with members building close together in small communities

7. Gamemode- I think Creative should only be used in the Creative world everyone should be playing legit survival (unless they are working on a major project of course) and it should be reserved for Mods/Admins

8. Mini Games- I really would like to see mini games, it is too bad that there is no Casino based plugin that works anymore :(

9. Roads- Yes I liked the way it was before where you could easily navigate your way around the map

10. Shops- Of course this is a big part of interaction between players

11. Warps- /spawn and /home but for warps to towns and such we should have a central system

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