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Ohello everyone,

This is the official 1.5 update topic which will contain all testing, changelog and proposed update information.

The list below will be updated automatically as I update my Pastebin file.


Note: This configuration is running locally. Live configuration testing will be announced.

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Here's a topic from the Bukkit Forums that adequately voices my position on people hassling their staff for updates:


 CraftBukkit/Bukkit For 1.5? | Bukkit Forums

  • XxShadowDudexX

    Hey guys!
    Yesterday I saw the pre-release of minecraft 1.5, i host a server that runs on my computer. I was wondering if theres any news about Craftbukkit/bukkit going to be available for 1.5, I looked EVERYWHERE yet i found nothing. I would be greatly apreciated if someone gives me some info about this. i remember last time it took them a while to update it. Will this happen again? Or will it be on time?
    Thanks <3ShadowDude

  • TnT, Administrator

    Locked. It will be out when its ready, as is the case every time Minecraft releases an update. The same answers we have given before, for the other updates still apply today.

The Minecraft world will be receiving the 1.5 update as scheduled on Wednesday. However, we will not update until we're able. Did you catch that? We're not ABLE to update until the software is written and distributed. Anyone who asks for 1.5 in the forum or in-game will be kindly linked to this topic for some smarts. -_-

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