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My Rant for school


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*I am presenting this to my school monday, i have been stressed out about it lately hopefully some of you take the time to read it and give some feed back*


Rant On Life



It is funny when you think about life, like really there are so many opportunities and options available for us to explore happy, sad, frustrating, depressing, exciting and much more. Endless options and the strange thing is in this life we live, we take things for granted, we may notice it or not, and even if we notice most people do not notice how much that person is in our everyday lives and when they are gone that’s when it hits us and we finally have to realize the reality and how much they were evolved in so much of our routine every day. And that happened recently to me.


It only took a matter of days I since I first discovered this person laying there and not being able to use the lower half of their body. Once a doctor looked at him he was put on medication and they said he was ok, the next day I find out it got worse and would take a miracle for him to survive the next day we had to put him down, yes it was a animal I was talking about my cat. The day we took him to the vet, it only took 2 very long days until we had to put him down. This little story just proves that you can lose anything quickly, because that morning he was just happy to be himself and then later he was fighting for his life.


            If you look closely at it life is fragile, even more so than we think, it is like walking on a road of glass, everything is fine until it starts to crack, then it shatters, we think we are falling, but we just land on the next layer. And there are many other layers underneath, and each time you fall and land on a new layer you are ok, but are left scarred and wounded, emotionally or physically. And it is just a matter of time when you fall and that was the last layer breaks and you are gone. It only takes a matter of seconds for your life to be on the edge of death, even if you are perfectly fine it only takes 1 second and a lot of awful luck.


            Yet we take so many careless mistakes and why? Because we know we can complete them, but if you fall another layer of the glass breaks and you get a bit more wounded. Then there are those people that are just stupid and careless, in the back alley getting high for who knows what reasons any way they can.


            Then there is the beautiful side of life where such beautiful things, seeing the sparkle in the eye of a baby or the glowing stars in a moon lit night in a open meadow filled with blossoming plants everywhere and a little lake with a waterfall flowing down into it, it’s like a utopia. Life is a great thing, until the glass starts to break and you fall and cannot go back to the utopia you just have to walk even more wounded as it burns down.  With wounds that will never leave you. But the lessons you will learn and the memories you make during the good time will be cherished  forever, unmatchable to beat always thinking about them when times get tough to cheer you up.


            There is way more about life than we can even think of at first, we don’t even know what the meaning of life is, but again the meaning of your life is for you to find out.


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