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Zombie Survival


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  Ok, so I've been trying to make a mod ever since early beta, where all that was allowed to spawn was Zombies, sheep, and pigs. However, I'm not Clint Eastwood of modding lol, so my question is, is there anyway we could have a world with nothing but zombies, sheep, and pigs? We could even have zombiePigmen spawn, to make it a little challenge.

  If possible, make the spawn rate of zombies, ZombiePigmen, sheep, and pigs a little higher? Like I said, I would really love it if we had a world like this, my Minecraft dreams would be fullfilled lol.

  Just plain Zombies, and ZombiePigmen, and all you have to eat is bread and Bacon, we don't even need pigs if we could get the ZombiePigmen to drop cooked Bacon when killed.

  Please don't mistaken it for Zombiecraft or all the other zombie survival minigames.


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WorldGuard's commands for mobs is like a blacklist:

/region flag <region> deny-spawn spider,skeleton,wolf,creeper,etc.

You can deny all but one or two types of mobs from spawning, but I don't believe WorldGuard alone can handle percentages of mobs that spawn in certain regions. However, I'd be shocked if there wasn't a plugin that did just that .. xD

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