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DeathSwap: New Game Type for Versus Play



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So this:


Seems like a good idea for some kind of versus challenge.  Technically is it possible to create some sort of leaderboard or even a tournament involved around it.
Why this may be pretty interesting:
 - Only three people are necessary for this game, meaning people can host small servers at their locations no problem
 - The gamemode can be played at anytime, since it doesn't rely on a bunch of players and players can work out their own playtimes.
 - Gambling can be involved, because everyone likes to gamble lol.
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Essentially players will swap positions every few minutes, so it's basically a game to set up where your opponent would not be prepared.  The swap is randomly timed, so you can't prepare for it.  There is a 20 second guarantee after every swap where there is no swaps.  Also, you're invincible for 5 seconds after the swap.


Examples include on a ladder over lava, in a spawn room, etc, etc.  Other methods can be used such as setting a forest on fire before the swap or killing all the animals to limit the amount of food the enemy has.


In short, you swap positions with opponent, loser dies.

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