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1.5.2 Pre-Release and 13w17a Snapshot


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  • The carpet crafting recipe now gives 3 carpet blocks - via http://i.imgur.com/NYwiNW4.png

  • Added Hardened Clay block

  • Added extra tooltip info in the search tab for the creative inventory

  • Made deserts more deserty

    • Small water lakes no longer spawn in deserts
  • Made zombies slightly more sociable

    • Now occasionally spawn in more zombies when taking damage - via - 
    • The new Zombie behavior is that they can spawn more when attacked out of thin air, these can wear armor and also can be Zombie Villagers, they appear to send out a call to spawn more, I think its a neat change and keeps you on your toes with Zombies. They also appear to "talk" to each other, similar to the trait in Villagers, however this may be just me :) ~MrMFretwell



  • Fixed some bugs

    • Fixed jukebox music volume not decreasing
    • Fixed tamed wolves and cats despawning
    • Fixed silverfish breaking blocks when mobGriefing gamerule is set to false
    • Fixed using Pick Block on an active furnace returning an active furnace
    • Fixed the "Hot Topic" achievement using a faceless furnace icon
    • Fixed arrows floating mid-air when shot into blocks
    • Fixed the new launcher being pixelated on Retina Display devices running OS X
    • Fixed being able to pick up command blocks using Silk Touch
    • Fixed being unable to play or download a snapshot using the new launcher
    • Custom Language-PackRemoval
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