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As per the following conversation, I authorize the pardon of FiarBlazarzz061.

<Wabuf> would you be willing to be his [FiarBlazarzz061] 'guardian'?
<Crimson_Music> Gladly
<Wabuf> anything he does good or bad directly reflects you
<Crimson_Music> I agree to the terms set forth by wabuf and take all resposibility for the actions of FiarBlazarzz061
<Crimson_Music> Owen's record will be immaculate
<Crimson_Music> And if not I will tear his fucking throat out
<Wabuf> understood xD
* Crimson_Music extends hand to wabuf
* Wabuf shaky shaky
<Crimson_Music> Alright thanks dude

Above, Crimson_Music gives his word to take full responsibility for FiarBlazarzz061's future actions.
As of this post FiarBlazarzz061 is a full, registered member with no infractions (strikes).

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