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Ban Auv2


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So Lars, Auv2 and me have been pissed at eachother for some time now, and he kept building this little pork shop right outside our city, and we told them not to. So Lars burned it down a few times, and Auv2 wasent happy about it, and it got to the point that Auv2 burned down our city, and we lost almost all our wall, and some building, and now we want him banned, so please do so and if you have questions then just ask us.

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To follow up on Jonas' rather short and inprecise request.

Most of you know that mine and Jonas' relationship with Auv2 haven't been a good one.

We have often been fighting/arguing. Often resulting in his death.

Recently he asked (with great deal of sarcasm) if he was allowed to built a pork shop just outside the city, Jonas and I obviously denied him permission. Auv2 disregarded this and went on with the building. I burnt this one down.

Auv2 was of course not pleased, but we explained our case. This he failed to respond to.

He then disregarded the warnings we gave him again and built his pork shop once more.

I burnt this one down too.

Again displeased by this he tried to attack us in our city.

Jonas and I of course battered the rebels into the ground with our shining diamond gear.

The following morning I found his pork shop back in its old place.

I burnt this one down.

He then set fire to the wall. At this time Jonas was working on a secret project, and I was doing some work towards this project as well. At that time I looked out of the door and saw that parts of the wall were gone. I went to investigate this and to my horror I found the city in flames. I quickly alerted Jonas and we were swift with the extenguishing of the fire.

Even so, severe damage was caused to the city.

Several stacks of logs were lost in this tragic event.

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Having looked through all of my lost stuff, I will now post the estimated loss.


The following materials were lost in the fire or stolen by Auv2

20 stacks of log was lost in the fire.

2 signs

2 levers

1 redstone dust

2 yellow flowers

1 stack of torches

1 set of diamond tools (except hoe of course)

4 pieces of tnt

21 stacks of cobblestone

and 11 pieces of dirt


The following items are unaccounted for. i.e. stolen by someone


30 diamonds

6 stacks of redstone

7 stacks of coal

1 stack of gold

3 stacks of iron

(These above numbers are not accurate, but Jonas can provide more accurate numbers on these)


All of these materials were honestly collected by either me, Jonas or one of our servants.

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Maybe so, but we lost a great deal of time as well.

Meaning the time we spekt building the structures burnt down.

And the time we would have been spending on a secret project.


I Can let this go since he's rebuilding.

But, this will never end.

And Jonas wouldn't forgive him me thinks.

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