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So, shit's been stolen


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This is what Jonas has told me went missing:

1 Double chest full of bread in Gargamel, which is our entire food reserve.

20 Diamonds from main world

1 stack of Iron blocks from main world

2 stacks of Gold blocks


Even though we have enough money to buy the earth and all the heavens, we feel that this is an insult to both our intelligence, and our determination to find the offender.

We have many times before showed concern about our items being stolen, and it is my fear that I will have to punish these players that do this myself.

And I don't have a 3- strike system.

Of course, this is my standpoint, and mine alone.

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I'd love to help you guys out, but you have come to me screaming 'GRIEF!?' before with absolutely zero evidence to back your claims. We do not have block history plugins on our server; currently, we have too many worlds for this plugin to be feasible.


Did you put [private] on your bread chest? No. Did you put this protection on any other chests? Probably not, they were just cleverly hidden. Regarding your city in Gargamel: About 2 weeks ago--when I was getting rid of FalseBook Areas and switching to WorldGuard Regions, I added your entire city (bedrock to sky-limit) to the fully protected list. This region 'pigVille' has both you and Jonas as owners. Basically the only thing that other members can do in this area is open doors .. no blocks can be placed or broken, no chests can be opened, no fires set, water spilled, etc etc etc...


Regarding your Main World claims: I would gladly protect your areas as regions and set you as owners if you would ask and point out dimensions. And in general, I would gladly replace stolen items if you have picture or video clip evidence of the person stealing it (or evidence suggesting who did it).

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