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Guilty Gear Xrd-Sign DECEMBER 16!


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Guilty Gear Xrd-SIGN-

2D Anime Airdash Fighter

Arc System Works

Arcade (released)

PS3, PS4

December 16 2014

Unreal 3 engine


It's no secret Guilty Gear XX is my all time favorite game but even looking at it subjectively, I don't think I've ever seen 3D graphics look this beautiful. I never once thought I could ever like a Guilty Gear game with 3D animation but this... its so good....and it's all in engine 3D graphics, they didn't use ANY 2D art. that's impressive.


The game was released in Japan on the 4th of December with the US release coming the 16th. the final character roster at launch is 16. it will be 17 when Leo, the second DLC is released.



16 Characters


Axl Low (GG1)




Chipp Zanuff(GG1)


Faust(GG1 kinda)




Ky Kyske(GG1)




Milia Rage(GG1)




Sin Kiske(GG2Overture)


Sol Badguy(GG1)


Slayer 8-)(GGX2)








Ramlethal Valentine(New)



Elfelt Valentine(new)

Leo Whitefang(new Dec 18)


-HONORABLE MENTION-(only in story mode)



Dizzy Kiske(GGX)


Doctor Paradigm (GG2 Overture)

Gabriel(steals the show, this man need to be playable!)









Official Site


Trailer #1


Trailer #2


Arcade Opening


Gameplay (low quality, high quality are pretty much nonexistent)


Gameplay 2 (Twitch, still bad but better quality)


Gameplay 3 (Twitch 5 hours lol)


High Quality PS4 footage 1(Warning Gamespot)


High Quality PS4 footage 2(Again, Gamespot)


Dustloop - has the largest and most passionate Guilty Gear community in the English speaking world, also the most comprehensive English language resources on the series.


I'll likely update this topic further when more information about the console release surfaces, I figured I'd remind people this game exists.

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My brain is still having second thoughts at those graphics .. and I've been staring at them for a good while now. xD


This looks impressive in every way, even if they didn't change anything from the original game mechanics. The predecessors are still among the best in genre.

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Another edit. The game is slated to be release this fall, for PS3 and PS4. The PS3 version is 720p native @ 60fps while the PS4 version is 1080p, 60fps. the game will have cross online play between both systems. I believe this is the first fighting game ever to feature cross platform online play.

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Updated slightly.

The game was released in japan on the 4th and will be released in the US on the 16th! I'm holding out for the US version, not long now.

I bought a PS4 fightpad(because fightsticks cost too damn much) just for this game.

the PS4 has a built in streaming feature so you can check Twitch.tv daily for live streams of the game, many people already stream the PS3 version as well using traditional streaming methods.


This game has crossplay between PS3 and PS4 so no matter which version you get you're playing with all the same people, the PS3 version is just less pretty.

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