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Hello i would like to introduce myself, I am LaZy__Sp00nz27, probably the biggest prick on this server. Anyways lets get to my point, since there is no "survival" challenge (for me) on this server and there is not much to do on it.



Do not give me some BS answer saying "Minecraft can never be boring, you're a builder, your imagination is the limit, you're calling yourself boring" I have 0 visual creativity genes in my body. I am not asking for any changes to this server (that would be ridiculous) i am asking for stuff to do because after my finals and baseball are over there will be nothing for me to do. Do keep in mind i am stubborn as hell.



I suggest we try and actually hold a community event, i think they are fun (at least for me they are) and hopefully it can be something most people will enjoy. Because being bluntly honest i personally think the community interaction (from what i see) is shit, and i do my best to be positive MOST of the time. Feel free to pick out what you think is "wrong" about what i posted and insult or mock me in some way to strengthen my point.


Anyways with the way i am going on it sounds like i am on my "man emotional period". I will stop it here before i say something i will regret.

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I'm about to get a near 100 dollar mic and I've been getting into other games as well.




-Sometimes LoL

-Can't wait for Gunpoint :P

-Team Fortress 2

-Gary's Mod



Anyways, I'm going to start uploading vids :D


Edit: Since I don't have a minecraft server. You can play any of these games with me whenever you want

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LOL Lazy, you so crazy.


Here are things that you can do that are beneficial to your future:

 - Go outside and learn something useful

 - Get a job

 - Take college classes at a community college

 - Learn a programming language and become Wabuf

 - Learn to cook



There are many many things that you can be doing during your summer instead of wasting time, like what I did for too many years.


Luckily, with many connections, I have managed to go to Korea and China this summer so far almost next to nothing.


Also, I agree community playdates or whatever are crap atm.

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Don't worry Mythil I have great real life connections and I am looking into a summer job, but since I am finishing up my first year of high school I can only do so much. And i am taking IT courses at my school, almost done making my own game. It may be with game maker but still good for a start.

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Lazy..... I worked >80 hours this last week on top of a crap-ton of audio mastering and graphic development for my clients. I can legitimately say that I have no time to organize events. Your bitching about it only makes you look like a fool. If you would like to hold an event, take up the sword and ORGANIZE THE DAMN THING. Mythil hit the nail on the head; you need to get real and grow the eff up.

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Huh? There's no strike here. It's just a rant about being bored / nothing to do which I agree with. I am however planning events every weekend (especially since I have Friday and Saturday nights off). While I don't work 80 hrs like Wabuf, I work 40 hrs sometimes 41 or 44 hrs depending on overtime, but for the most part I am a happy camper.

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Lazy contacted me personally about this issue and we're all good. He means well and it came off a bit negative is all.


There needs to be a reorganization of event coordination. Like I discussed with Lazy, I used to handle all of the major events while Mythil volunteered to coordinate all of the in-game events. Now that Mythil has retired from moderator and I have taken on a full-time job, there is not much of anything to do aside the basic survival and economy of the server. We need to bring back regular in-game sweepstakes, lotteries, scavenging, PvP, spleef, and so forth. Competitions and prizes are what add dynamic to communities.


I was thinking of reappointing some staff (moving around) and renaming our hierarchical scheme to allow for better correspondence among staff. I will soon be spending a week in the OBX for vacation, so I will likely have a bit more free time to structure these changes.

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Then coordinate more in-game events that happen on the server itself.  First you have to draw interest right?


Offer up hard to receive items and whatnot like the ones that I ran like the Chinese New Year event, Christmas Event, Thanksgiving event, etcetc.


If people start to participate in those, that means there is some interest in it.  Right after all those events we successfully launched several UHC, because people started to go to the forums to sign up.


Most people don't even check the forums anymore so all these discussions are lost.  I'm pretty sure no one is on here except to complain (LOL).


In other words, you do in game events that reference the forums and to get people talking.

From there you have the people.


Servers on the other hand, no one has access to except for Wabuf and Coaster, unless you get an auxiliary server like for example make another server strictly for events.  I'm guessing most people right now are using the FTB server and I remember some people being pissed about when the Tekkit server was taken down due to events.


TL;DR - In game events to draw interest and get a server strictly for events that can be accessed by Admins AND Moderators.  Also need some people to actually DO something.


Edit: Grammar and Flow or thought.

Edited by Mythil
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