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Earlier this week, Brandon posted a Claim Problems topic letting us know he was able to modify all of spawn. I just now solved it with the problem being his membership of the SpawnTown region which holds plots surrounding spawn for sponsored builds.


It was very honest of him to post that he was able to edit all of spawn; but to not let us know what he did (broke, moved, stole) was a little crappy.


He broke 24 Lapis blocks in the bank:



And 14 Iron block:



If Brandon would like to avoid a strike, we'll be needing either paid for the damages or returned the items. He replaced 24 Lapis blocks and 14 Iron blocks with Logs for who knows why... but each Lapis block costs 144 RS and each Iron block costs 18 RS. That's a total of 3,708 RS of damage.


If payment is not received within 24 hours, a global strike will be applied to BrandonTVineyard's account.

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