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Events Tab in Chunk Square



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  1. 1. Events Tab in Chunk Square

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I think we need a subforum in the Chunk Square portion, since events are not limited to Minecraft.


We can have community play dates etc in that part of the forums like:

 - I have TF2 and will be at www.tf2genereicserverurl.com from 2-3 EST today!  JOIN ME FOR THE LULZ!

 - Guys, who wants to join up and play some Survival Games on _____ server?  I'll be there, but I'll like your skype so I we can team up.


 - Does anyone have Halo 3?  Give me your gamer tag and roll some noobs.


Most importantly, it gives a good place to find events that will happen on the front page without navigating into the Game Server subforums.

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In any case, there still needs to be server events that tell people to go to the Calender.


The only problem with the calender is it doesn't allow us to discuss things that well, with the approval and disapproval or admins/moderators.


Plus, we want the FORUM to be more active, not the calender. (At least that's what I think we want?)


Basically what I'm saying is a community place for people to find out what other people are doing.


Most people won't post things if they know that there needs to be approval.  Also some things are immediate, like I'M PLAYING TF2 RIGHT NOW JUMP INTO ____ SERVER FOR GOOD TIME.  Might not be approved until tomorrow, or a few hours, when I'm not playing TF2.  That kind of deal.

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