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Full Metal Alchemist (Manga/Anime, Completed) 2001


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Aw yiss.  This is one of my favorite anime/manga.  Liefdevolle would agree.



In an alchemical transmutation gone wrong, Edward Elric lost his right arm and his left leg, and his brother Alphonse lost his entire body, ending up as nothing but a soul in an empty suit of armor. Equipped with mechanical "automail" limbs, Edward becomes a state alchemist of the military and starts a long journey across the nation of Amestris along with his brother, trying to restore their bodies to their original shape by finding the so-called Philosophers Stone, which is said to give an alchemist the ability to overlook the law of Equivalent Exchange. At first the Elric brothers have that one goal in mind, however, as their journey continues they find themselves fighting for something that is much, much greater than they could have ever imagined.


Read here:



If you want to watch the anime, watch FMA Brotherhood, as it is the most recent and better created.

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What confused you?  I'll help you get around it if you want.


There are two different anime:

 - Full Metal Alchemist (abbreviated as FMA)

 - Full Metal Alchemist:Brotherhood (abbreviated as FMA Brotherhood)


FMA follows the storyline until about half way where it branches off, because the manga was not caught up at that point, since the manga is a monthly release after the creator suffered some injuries/had some problems.  They ended it weird and in a different dimension because it got really effed up.


FMA Brotherhood follows closely with the manga and is the one you should watch so you don't get confused.


Watch the Japanese version with English subtitles because it's in the original language, which means that it is the official sounding one.

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