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Neon Genesis Evangelion/ Rebuild of Evangelion (1995, 2007-ongoing)


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It's in my avatar so I might as well mention it. It's been among my absolute favorite series for a very long time and so I would personally recommend it.

It is however very polarizing and there is a very vocal hatedom, so YMMV.


The story takes place in the year 2015, some time after a global disaster call the "Second Impact" nearly destoyed the world, it follows Shinji, an emotionally maladjusted 14 year old boy who is invited to worl at NERV HQ, his fathers top secret facility. on the way he encounters his first "Angel". Massive creature of unknown origin invading the earth. he's forced to pilot the Evangelion Unit 1 in order to defend Neo Tokyo III from these invaders.


That's the basic premise the best that I can describe it, though it's a hell of a lot more than just "boy defends series from kaiju". the series in part is a psycological character study and as such gets very cerebral, it involves a lot of extended monologues about human psycology, philosophy and religion. though the religious stuff is mostly just fluff without substance.


Some may find this series rather boring, while others may love it and talk about it for years(like me).


There's also the recent remake films, which while quite different are very good in they're own way and I would honestly recommend as much as the original.


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