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    Architectural Compettiion 7 (AC7)

    Architectural Competition 7 (AC7) Theme: Haunted Houses Architectural Competition 7 (AC7) is the next contest in our AC series. Since Halloween is next month, the goal of AC7 is to build a haunted house on your assigned plot. To get a plot and enter the contest, simply RSVP on the calendar before 9/25/17 (the official start date). Rules: One plot per person! Build inside your assigned plot RSVP by 9/25/17 Open to all registered users Plots: [C][F][.I][L] [.B][E][H][K] [A][D][G][J] Plots Assigned: Plot J: AgentRhino007 Plot G: Wabuf Plot D: Coastercraze Calendar: https://www.thechunkrepublic.com/calendar/event/12-architectural-competition-7-ac7/
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    I'm sure you've seen them all over Facebook. More and more sites are going to this annoying "slide" format simply for the fact that it increases ad views / ad revenue. Well, there's a site that can undo that... http://deslide.clusterfake.net/ Works pretty good, simply copy the original link and paste it into deslide. If compatible, it will strip out the info and put it onto a single page.
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    Site / Forums Updates - 9/6/17

    Our main website has been changed slightly to enhance loading and viewing on mobile devices. In addition, our forums have also received some updates which include skin updates and forum re-organization. Both skins have been updated to the latest version to address some small bugs. If you see any issues, please let me know so that I can fix them. Forums have been re-organized and simplified. You may have noticed that a few forums have been merged or are no longer available. Additional changes may occur as additional forums may be combined. View full article
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    Our creative world has been added back to the server. You will find a portal just south of spawn to teleport to the creative map. Once there, your inventory will be different and your game mode will be set to creative. Within our creative world, you are able to build just about anything and you can also participate in various contests held such as our popular Architectural Competitions and themed contests.