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  1. crimson_music

    Is my hair supposed to be green?
  2. crimson_music

    I try to be the alchemist but typically find myself being the rogue more often than not.
  3. crimson_music

    Its so quite here nowadays. People need some incentive for posting. Maybe we could get Wabuf and Coaster to pose sexily with each other in bikinis for the most active new topic... What, its not gay! Its just a thought...
  4. crimson_music

    Oh God. And Banjo Kazooie used to be so good...
  5. crimson_music

    I sometimes forget how beautiful Minecraft can really be.
  6. crimson_music

    My hair. So short. Not nearly as fabulous as my current flowing mane XD Just thought I'd put that out there
  7. crimson_music

    I think this takes the cake.
  8. crimson_music

    Oh yeah Mythil, it works great! Only problem is the occasional "Blink" but whipping out the canned air fixes that right up.
  9. crimson_music

    So I uh..got bored the other day and did this. Not my best work but you know.
  10. crimson_music

    Woop WOOP
  11. crimson_music

    I took a break from WoW to make a sammach. When I came back I found this.
  12. crimson_music

    Dwarves FTW!!!
  13. crimson_music

    Lookin' good Matt! In the future I do recommend drawing with a light lead, pencil and smoothing out your drawings after the rough sketch is drawn but other than that everything is kick ass man!
  14. crimson_music

    He has transcended the limiting chains of death and shed his mortal husk. ALL HAIL DEATH GOD GANSTA434!
  15. crimson_music

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