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  1. wabuf

    Whoa, never thought they'd break it. And technically, they didn't! They bypassed the encryption by exploiting the all-zero keys given when Android and Linux are instructed (for whatever reason...) to change access points. So they never need to retrieve data through a WPA2 connection. That's what makes this is more of a device-specific MITM than a WPA2 break. Sucks though, because Android == most of the market. Oh, and WEP fell hard to a suite of similar MITM exploits .. before getting completely jacked from the inside, out. xD
  2. Definitely! Would love to see another TF2 server! (staff: more on this in the meeting room)
  3. WAOW. That's kind of cowardly gouging. Makes you wonder what greater powers have put pressure on either Microcenter or ATI/Radeon. What harm does it do the manufacturer and/or vendor to affect Bitcoin mining? I sense some sort of conflict of interest...
  4. wabuf

    Yessss! Been waiting for creative to return. Also, craftbook is a good surprise! Thanks for the update!
  5. wabuf

    The Expanse is very good. So is Sneaky Pete, even though it's an Amazon Prime exclusive. I got rid of Netflix a long time ago. Prime is much more worth it.
  6. wabuf

    I just threw the worldguard flag for no mob spawning and no mob damage. As well as a few more to test things out. Been a while for me, as well. There were holes in the ocean and shoreline nearby as well as a bunch of easily exploitable things caused by having no spawn region. Fixing all these little things seemed to clean things up a bit. I'll probably move most of my survival stuff beside spawn once I'm done. But we definitely need to make use of our worldguard. Great way to protect stuff. For some reason, I thought it was Coaster's. Sorry for my error.
  7. wabuf

    Been nearly a year having an unprotected, unfinished survival spawn. Time for an update! I'll be changing that sign on the right as necessary. Design will include a bright, multi-tier, disc design. Roads will extend from the main area of spawn in all directions until land besides west (which is a large ocean). West will have a dock. As Coaster originally intended, there will be shops off of the main spawn area. I'm hoping to do a reboot of the old redstone economy and make building materials very inexpensive to encourage the growth of a large city surrounding spawn.
  8. wabuf

    Wow. We need a good plugin to allow traps to be set. Kind of like the prisons I made back 1.3-ish where the walls were unbreakable and the user couldn't use any commands to leave, like tp, warp, kill, etc. And solitary confinement (no chat) haha. Or you could use worldguard. Dat //wand.
  9. wabuf

    I may, I may. I actually got TS on my old gaming rig. May have to reinstall some of those gems. I remember Skype filling up with all the Danish folk and it was hilarious. When not speaking English, good background noise, haha.
  10. wabuf

    Same. Bought a house almost a year ago and still doing massive amounts of stuff to it .. and working full time. Should put someone in charge who would actually utilize the resources. I can remember wishing I had hosting capabilities (and knowledge) back in high school for games like Counterstrike and F.E.A.R. But it would be nice to pop in every now and again to a more active community, lol. Most everyone else has been busy with school as far as I've been hearing.
  11. Upgraded the old 2012 Macbook Pro Retina 15" to the same thing, just late 2015 model with 16GB RAM (double), 512GB SSD (double), and a Radeon R9 M370X (probably almost double). Upgraded my Vizio 37" 1080p panel to the LG 43" UHD (2160p) panel. Which is actually smaller due to a nearly non-existent bezel; and I can store stuff under it! Same monitors and driver: Yamaha HS7s driven by a Steinberg UR22. Same expansion hub: Anker 7-port USB 3.0 x 2 fast charge (1.5A + 2.1A). Same peripherals, intstruments, and so forth. The purpose of this upgrade was to be able to run 2160p at 60Hz reliably for extra room when working with timeline and panel-based applications. The extra space really helps and once you get over the tiny-ness of everything, you're hooked. It's much easier and less expensive than multiple displays. If anyone is planning on going 4K/UHD for computing purposes, I would highly suggest a screen larger than 40". Any smaller, and most ordinary objects become distorted and would require a magnifying glass in order to enjoy. The forum looks hilarious...
  12. wabuf

    I have only been looking a few days, but have seen many different offerings in the NAS industry. Everything from n-bay server rack mounts to dual bay, 2.5" slim NAS cases. The prices range from $150 to $15,000. Obviously, if you start filling the devices with pre-configured RAID arrays and sophisticated software, the price leaps up. But I'm looking to fill one with my own existing storage drives. The names that shined brightest in my search so far have been Qnap, Synology, and Western Digital. I have had bad experiences in the past with WD Caviar drives losing very important data, so points are immediately taken away from WD. In my opinion, Qnap has the superior styling; most with rugged, industrial builds whereas Synology looks like a clone of Apple products. All have great software, supporting server, desktop, and mobile platforms. I'll be hooking this up to the Linksys WRT1900AC, which needs no introduction. It is simply the best. Should be no problems with throughput, compatibility, and reliability. Just looking for a 2 to 4 bay dedicated NAS solution. Thoughts?
  13. wabuf

    I seriously need to overhaul my storage configuration and will probably begin with Windows 10. Not sure about the software raids, so I won't be taking advantage of the improvements on that, haha. In 8.1, my software raid on my 2 and 1.5 TB drives went south and could only be opened in a sketchy, underdeveloped tool in a linux terminal. Was too close... This will likely take place in a new build. Hopefully something lighter than 70lbs. and quieter/cooler than a jet engine.
  14. wabuf

    Look what I found hiding under my Twisted Tea bottle cap:
  15. wabuf

    Check out Robbaz' Gaben Ville... xD He has to be one of the funniest YouTube gamers. Epic city.