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  1. Some dude at my school built a RetroPie suitcase. He basically used foam to put in a nice LCD display and then ran controller cables out of the other half of the suitcase. I don't know how much power is drawn from the Pie and the display, but I'm pretty sure you could also put in a battery and wireless controllers and go completely wireless. You would then have a fully portable game station with wireless controllers that you would only have to charge once a day depending on battery size which is pretty nutty.
  2. According to my steam transaction history the last games I have bought have been Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, Dark Souls III, and DOOM. Out of the three I have played Rainbow Six Siege the most because I really like the strategical take on the over saturated FPS genre. While I really love Dark Souls III beautiful level design and cinematography - if that can even be applied to video games - I lost interest after Abyss Watchers for no identifiable reason. Now, every time I try to play the game I lack the practice that allowed me to get to the boss in the first place and I get utterly de
  3. What really makes the device interesting is that portable concept. Unfortunately, I have never really been into the Nintendo ecosystem, so I find it kind of difficult to jump in now especially at a 300 dollars price point. I regret getting the Xbox One S not too long ago, granted Red Dead Redemption 2 might redeem that purchase.
  4. Never in a million years would I think I would come crawling back to Rust. Released on December 11 2013, the game is almost three years old. Never in my life have I seen so much dedication to the game from the development team. Not only has the game completely changed since its alpha state, but the developers seem to genuinely care about the game. The development team have truly passed the status quo for early access games. Check out Trausi on youtube to watch some high level Rush shenanigans. Edit: Yes, he's Russian prepare for some salt Edit: I found this post on the r
  5. You weren't banned for an inappropriate username, but I went ahead and promoted your old account fluffball98 and promoted you in game as well.
  6. I opened the case and desoldered 4 switches (pretty sp00ky)... I think I am going to record this and put this on YouTube tomorrow. Edit: video recorded, time to upload.
  7. I've finally found a game that is "third-party server hostable" and has a slowly growing player base. I plan to purchase the game tomorrow, and will write and share a review on my experiences of the title in the near future. In the mean time, I highly recommend watching some videos on it. At first glance it looks like minecraft combined with kerbal space program. Core game elements look solid, but physics are questionable. Any of y'all have it / want to share your opinions on it? [Vulgar but hilarious, I can't stop laughing.] The first video is from August of 2014 and demonstrates
  8. A few months ago a friend of mine had linked me a mechanicalkeyboards subreddit. After some careful research, and much deliberation I have decided to start a keyboard customization progress. I plan to sand, paint, and replace a CM Storm Rapid's switches and keycaps. I plan to upload a video to youtube later on how I will go about my progress, but I wanted to share it hear first in case anyone here was interested. I will most likely be constantly updating this guide with photos when the equipment I ordered arrive. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So Why are Doing This?!? 1. I wa
  9. What do you use the Raspberry Pi 2 for? I have an older model Raspberry Pi that needs to see the light.
  10. I check the forms periodically, but I haven't been able to play on any of our servers in the last month because of schoolwork on the weekdays and Hearthstone, Soccer, and the occasional Counter Strike dominating my weekends.
  11. Woah, and it even comes with the other games source codes to help. I think this looks like a pretty legit bundle for making my first game,
  12. I personally love the battlefront games (Bad Company 2 especially), but there is no way in heck I'm going to buy the new one when battlefront comes out. You're right about the take downs, EA has every right to do them. Anyways! There is a new gameplay trailer that I like even more than the first.
  13. I'm writing this from my new computer with integrated graphics (GPU comes tomorrow!) My plan worked perfectly and I'm running a legitimate version of windows 8.1 for 30 dollars and was just given then ability to update to windows 10. Hype! Hype! Hype! Now if only I can get my wireless adaptor to stop flashing like a maniac. Update: I installed afterburner and it looks like I'm getting 33 - 35c in the processor area, but what was really funny is that just by viewing afterburners gui I use 100% of my video usage. I need a GPU pronto!
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