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  1. Zoa

    Miss Me?

    hope you're better nice nice nice nice congrats lol
  2. *cough* did I hear my name?
  3. yeah i was bummed out about it too.. but now im glad that im in normal highschool.. the experience is/was fun
  4. nope. no snow... however, every single person on facebook in my area was like "OMG SNOW!?$@#^" #NCLife
  5. Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all had a good one! Hope you all got to spend time with friends and family, got awesome gifts, and stuffed your mouth hole with food. Tomorrow: driving through the massive storm about to hit the east coast
  6. Look, I know first hand how easy it is to crash a server with voxel sniper.... its easy.
  7. It's not bad, but i prefer the original more >_>
  8. gansta, literally the ONLY thing that i saw in that list, was the flying squid things... R.I.P. flying bloopers =[
  9. so far so good. the midnight release i went to was a blast, me and two friends of mine got to help the store manager setup and host a tournament, and even got to play it before midnight! i got to play in the first match, and actually won, haha.
  10. what i do: new project > display format: timecode display format: milliseconds capture format: HDV choose save location and name press OK i use DVCPROHD > 1080p > DVCPROHD 1080p24 (this is for 1920 x 1080 resolution @24 fps) drag ALL clips and files into the are that has "sequence 01" (it's in the top left for me) then you can drag clips into the timeline, and then use "C" to use the slice tool (cuts clips into pieces) and then use "V" to use the arrow tool, which allows you to drag things around in the timeline. thats just a small rundown of what i do, without making a video showing you. maybe wabuf will make one, or you can find one on youtubes
  11. Yeah i find that premiere pro is pretty good. I used Vegas for a while, then learned about Premier . I've never used After Effects, even though i've had it forever... i just dont do anything too serious with video editing to need it :\
  12. Save the slimes = Freaking brilliant!
  13. oh my god, i remember watching my friend play dune 2000 on playstation.. so awesome... i was never good at RTS games, but i enjoy watching people play them for some reason...
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