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  1. Seanlawson95

    I know it's been a while and I know it's an old thread but a reboot of the FTB server would really bring me back onto the server because I love FTB but hate playing singleplayer.
  2. Seanlawson95

    Looking forward to it tonight couldn't come sooner
  3. Seanlawson95

    Correct, I'll be on the server roughly about half an hour beforehand because I need to set up mumble correctly.
  4. Seanlawson95

    Would comms be through different software or just Skype?
  5. Seanlawson95

    Much better, that's only half 11 here I'm off work on the 18th anyway but I don't wanna be up past half 1 if possible
  6. Seanlawson95

    That's 1am in England /: how long do these things last?
  7. Didn't realise the date on this post, whoops /:
  8. Seanlawson95

    I'm up for it, what time would it be and what time zone?
  9. First a little back story, So recently my beloved headset the Gioteck EX-05's decided to conk out on me, all the audio was sounding fuzzy and then there was a pop and now there isn't any sound. I opened up where the wire goes into the headphones and there's no visible damage, so I opened the little in line controller box to find yet again no visible damage. I've had this headset for almost two years now so I think a potential upgrade is in order. I spent £24.99 on them before and they lasted a long time, they were good on Xbox and PC. But now I want something different. Task: Find a good headset for less than £35 which will work with PC and Xbox 360 I've been looking on Amazon and such but Headsets aren't really something I know much about. Thanks In Advance
  10. Seanlawson95

    Yeah I wouldn't know where to start with that /: I'm not the greatest with computers
  11. Seanlawson95

    Okay I booted in safe mode with only the DVI-D cable connected and it does work, it just seems to not like starting windows normally, going to try and downgrade my graphics card driver to the one before to see if that will work
  12. Seanlawson95

    Are you saying I should try and boot in safe mode?
  13. Seanlawson95

    Hey Guys and Gals, Long time no see. So as you've probably guessed from the title I've been having a little trouble with DVI and VGA on my computer. For about two months now I've been trying to get my Xbox to be plugged into my monitor through VGA using a small converter (which works perfectly fine http://amzn.to/1hXaADK) and to have my computer plugged in using the DVI port on my Monitor so that I could switch between the two by pressing the button on the bottom of my monitor for input. My Graphics Card is the Nvidia GTX260 which has two DVI-I outputs on the back which if i understand correctly is supposed to support digital AND analogue, My monitor is an Acer (Not sure which one, can't see a serial number) which has one VGA slot and one DVI-D slot. To try and get this system to work I bought a DVI-D cable (Male to Male: http://bit.ly/1hXbXCk) but when I plug both ends in and turn on my computer I see the motherboard logo and BIOS options and then does the Windows XP Loading bar at the bottom by itself even though I have Windows 7, and then after that the screen goes black and shortly after the monitor decides there's 'No Signal' although I can hear the Windows start sounds. And of course the Monitor goes into sleep mode which is infuriating. I've tried starting it using the VGA cable then switching to the DVI-D Cable but to no avail. Oh and I almost forgot I have a few DVI-I to VGA converters lying around which is what I'm using temporarily until this gets resolved. Screen Resolution: 1920x1080 60hz Hope you guys can help me! Oh and please put it in simple form so I can understand it better because I am yet to receive my degree in Computer engineering Thanks, SL-95
  14. Seanlawson95

    Both were awesome, any download links?
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