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  1. Like we promised, we decided to make a server for everyone of my friends to play on, and like we mentioned in the previous thread, you are obviously welcome! The quickjoin link is: steam://connect/ And the settings are centered around easily catching up if you played before. (Don't worry about being stuck at lvl 1 for more than a short while) Obviously the previous post about TS is just as applicable, so if you have TS, hop on TS, and if you have ARK come play!
  2. Personally I'm busy for school too, but only REALLY busy for the next few days. Outside of that I'm just sat at my computer, being on TS with Jonas, and folks like that. Playing some Arma, CS:GO, which I suck at beyond belief. Frankly we should do something, like Wabuf said, USE these forums and the servers that's tied to it for something. Personally I had a small ARK server for instance, and really it would all just make more sense to use these tools at our disposal. Perhaps even revitalize the community, and expand. I surely wouldn't mind that in the slightest. (Whaaaaaaa- Did Lars
  3. So I was just browsing around after it came to my attention that Coaster wished me a happy birthday, I'm sure it was accidental, don't worry! And frankly I was just curious how active everyone is on TCR related things, and their offshoots? Or is everyone really just doing their own thing these days? Many heartfelts dear folks.
  4. Well this is awkward... Not that I mind awkward or anything.
  5. Now, Wabuf, we all remember you being the main advocate for iConomy, but sadly I can't go back to find the posts where you and I were talking, not shouting, back and forth about it because it has gone missing, so most I could find was this one where you were shouting at Zoa for calling out a flaw in your system, and you hadn't the sense to fix it. viewtopic.php?f=3&t=632 Really, Wabuf, I know you mean well and all, but drop this mask of pride, please. And I remember you bringing up the point of the redstone again, and we were talking back and forth about it countless time, and the
  6. I've voiced myself aplenty on this, so it should be safe to say I agree. Simplicity is key, as it ever has been and I applaud the community for taking a step in the right direction. Now, this is the theme song for this little adventure. Full with twists and climaxes. Listen, or murder happens. All the way to the end.
  7. Now I'm not gonna say what I've always said, and neither will I gloat that now somebody agrees with me on the fact that the community has taken a severe hit in the head after well... Yeah, let's not get into that. But without meaning to cause offense to anyone, and especially Wabuf who will be the one to take offense to this, and I really, for once, mean none by it. The community has taken a hit, a very severe one, interactions wise, because that is simply not the kind of system Wabuf is trying to achieve, and the people that play here are FINE with that development, because it wasn't the
  8. Mythil, are you suggesting we set up siege-weapons and attack SOMEPLACE, oh I dunno where though...
  9. I really do think you ladies are the CUTEST bunch of fluffy bunnies on the planet... Except you're also the dumbest... Which is kinda sad, because you could have cured cancer and shit. And I do enjoy poking fun at people who've been flinging indirect verbal abuse at me for ages, and the sort, because that sort of people are the WORST kind of bunny, like with black fur, so all you really can do is kill them and throw out the skin, because nobody wants black bunny fur, and then eat the meat, which would taste like hot, solidified malevolence. I shouldn't have to remind you of how much abus
  10. So, right, can I legally declare this forum useless now. Or do dipshits still frequent this place
  11. If it'd been a shits torm, it would probably have been less white.
  12. I would have just told Wabuf in-game, however, he was on his period or got a hissy-fit because his cat got run over the previous year, or something equally arbitrary. The villager "brothel" on top of Gertrude is too tall, making it produce infinite villagers, making the entire server lag, whenever anyone goes near it. So I ask that someone go chop off the tip of it before I go stand under it for the sake of why-the-fuck not. -Højre
  13. Do your transactions with BTC where possible and avoid that shit.
  14. The first picture would be a bad wallpaper for anything but a phone, the resolution is simply horribly low for a wallpaper. But hey, then I guess I have to play CoD to appreciate low resolution and shitty gameplay.
  15. Just click the button, fill in how much to donate, and fill in your CC details, and presto, you should be done... There are two options, paypal, and CC, either you fill in your Paypal details, or your CC details.
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