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  1. I dont even remember when i last bought a game to be honest. Last game i got (for free and not touched it) was mafia 3. but i barely play anything else that Overwatch lately
  2. Overwatch and a lot of it. Gotten high enough ranked that I've now played with a pro player, so thats kinda neat
  3. I think it's saffe to say that the Teamspeak server is rated M for mature. Anyways, there more or less people on all the time, and theres alot of different games being played, like CSGO, Arma, WoW, and so on. Join the fun! P.S Wwould be great to catch up with some of you guys, it's been a while.
  4. I play the Standalone version. If you want to play it alot, then i suggest you get someone to do it with, because it's a freaking ton of walking you do in that game. Should be renamed to Walking Simulator in my opinion
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9v-9BBiC0VU Combat music from good old DMC3
  6. I'll let you try. Just use whatever you find the best
  7. I don't have a whole lot of specifics. All i have been thinking about is something along the lines of what we have here at The Chunk republic, and then maybe just with the alliance symbol in the background. I havent really though about a lot, because my creativity is shitty if i should say so myself. But it's really just like the picture wabuf have posted here: http://thechunkrepublic.com/forum/topic/1454-dark-rp-crafting/ But instead of saying "The chunk republic" it should just say "Solar Flare Homicide" which is the guild im in ^^ Colors, text font and everything like that is up to the designer to play with
  8. I was wondering if there is anyone here that is any good at making logos. I need one kinda like the one we have with the name of the server, but just for a guild in World of Warcraft. If anybody is interresting in trying to make it for me, i will pass on some more info about it :3
  9. Gonna get the Xbox one at some point...
  10. I was simply saying that. 1. They aint as crappy and shitty as you say. 2. And i said that I haven't had better. And as far as I know I didn't say anything about the others not bring better. I waas simply talking about my own experience with that headset.
  11. I disagree on this, i've had a set of Turtle beach x41, for a couple of years, and they're insanely great. When it comes to gaming, i have never had such good audio quality.
  12. Well good luck with those ^^
  13. I do want to keep the map. But i also want to keep vanilla as long as possible, i enjoy vanilla more myself
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