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  1. First of I couldn't find the events tab so I am just putting it here. Me and Stephan (Crimson) are gonna be doing a livestream of DayZ Standalone. It's still only in Alpha so it will be buggy (zeds walk through walls and such). So if you would like to watch just follow this link and we will be starting around 8:45. http://www.twitch.tv/thefirsttpersongamers
  2. I would like some wolves, a variety of wool, or a silk touch diamond pickaxe :3
  3. I'm back everyone! Sorry for being away so long, when I started high school they threw a lot of tests and other work at us almost right after the year started. However I am here now so the world may be Chaotic once more.
  4. If I knew where the events tab was I'd put this there ...... Whelp I'm about to start Fright Night 002 go here to watch: http://www.twitch.tv/thefirsttpersongamers Hope you guys enjoy it
  5. one thing though......... where is the events tab O.o
  6. I'm about to stream some World of Warcraft with Stephan you can watch it here http://www.twitch.tv/thefirsttpersongamers Yes i know there are 2 T's had no choice I had to delete the old account cause it was glitched
  7. I have a feeling that I sucked .................... sorry if i did
  8. In about 5 minutes I will be starting the very first stream of fright night!!! Watch it here: http://www.justin.tv/thefirstpersongamers
  9. Just got Xspilt working... Thanks bro I really appreciate it
  10. My new series called Fright Night is Premiering tonight at 8:00 Eastern Standard Time. Basically Fright Night is when I find or am recommended a bunch of horror games and Livestream me while playing them. You can watch the livestream here http://www.justin.tv/thefirstpersongamers Oh and does anyone know how I can stream both my screen and webcam so they can see my reactions??
  11. Here are some of my most recent drawings. What do you think of them? ..... I will post updates each time I finish another drawing http://imgur.com/a/nyctL
  12. well judging by the fact that the real gareth is unable to get on for several weeks due to travel its gonna have to be his brother doing this.
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