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  1. BrandonTVineyard

    Hey everybody! You may not remember me, but I played on TCR a few months ago. I took some time away from SMP because I thought it would be nice to spend some time doing things in the real world, like going out with my girlfriend a couple times a week, going to the Netherlands, and climbing Mt. Everest. Okay I didn't do that last thing. But I'm glad I spent some time away from the SMP world for a bit but I'm ready to get back into it again. Let's do this! PS: I may record every now and then, so don't be shocked :3
  2. BrandonTVineyard

    Paid http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=9hj4w0&s=5
  3. BrandonTVineyard

    I'll pay it all and whatever I have left in my money. My apologies, won't happen again. It was a mistake
  4. BrandonTVineyard

    I'm not now, I was. I could break the entire bank and shop. Not anymore, but for a while I could, apparently.
  5. BrandonTVineyard

    I've purchased a spot already in the in-spawn living area. At first, everything was fine. I could place chests and open them in the room and all was hunky-dory. However, I noticed I could break all of spawn, and was accidentally given permission for all of spawn. I brought this to Lief's attention and he tried to fix it, but was unsuccessful in returning rights to build in my living area, but successful in removing rights of breaking spawn. Please help, somebody who knows how to fix this.
  6. BrandonTVineyard

    I'll just take the largest room that has chests. Doesn't matter to me.
  7. BrandonTVineyard

    When do admins usually come on? I would like to buy one of the rooms available at spawn to live in. Thanks! - Brandon
  8. BrandonTVineyard

    Happy to climb aboard. See you in the game!
  9. BrandonTVineyard

    I agree to the terms and conditions and would like to become a member. Also, I'd love to participate in an Ultra Hardcore game in the future. I've watched the Mindcrack team on Youtube and have been looking for a server similar to be an active part of. It seems from all that I've read on the site the past hour, nearly, that this is the closest I can find. Please add me, I'd love to join the server. Some more information. IGN: BrandonTVineyard Age: 16 Skype: BrandonTVineyard(I use my iPhone, so it may be loud in the background. I'll get a mic soon for my computer) Computer Specs: Intel i5 Processor(not sure exactly what kind), 8GB RAM Memory, 1 TB HDD, GeForce GTX 650 1GB card, Mid tower MasterCooler case w/ blue neon lights. Mods currently used: Optifine Sorry for the long application thing, haha. I'm really wanting to become an active part of this Minecraft community.