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  1. AzoraFrika

    Awesome I did, and I saw you guys put in the renting mod. Now my hotel is fully functional! soo sick
  2. AzoraFrika

    http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/347 ... t-support/ we are running bukkit right?
  3. AzoraFrika

    haha yeah i hope so!
  4. AzoraFrika

    It basically makes it easier for people to trade or rent property. http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/mech-r ... 000.28615/
  5. AzoraFrika

    Haha yeah, it's going to be quite awesome Wabuf. And Mythil, I'm pretty sure buying land is the same thing as protecting it, and that once the economy is fixed up, and possibly reset due to the extreme inflation of the previous interest rate problems, that things should start running more smoothly as long as we manage our assets well and have our own niches to work and sell in. Admins don't earn all that much from banks anyway haha.
  6. AzoraFrika

    Great analysis. I agree that having more players will allow the economy to work out, but personally disagree with the ideas for admin specific businesses other than banks. To solve the problem of depletion of natural sand and whatnot, a separate, mining only world, could be created with a portal to it in the portal room. And as for the transportation thing, trains, would be the best option, as they don't really require mods, and can be set to have tolls sent to the creator(s) and/or owner(s) of the rail road, as me and Zoa are doing on the monorail from spawn to our new town.
  7. AzoraFrika

    This is perfect. Also, are we resetting the values of everyone's money, or will the current money be dispersed evenly? If the latter is the case, we will also need to raise the price of unowned land, due to inflation. Just my ten cents
  8. AzoraFrika

    Really interesting thoughts guys. And Coaster, I think that may work really well. But we should also think about possible increasing the buying price of land, due to the massive inflation that has taken place. I think this will work though
  9. AzoraFrika

    Skip to the bottom if you don't want to read. While I feel the Iconomy mod can work, it can also fall into the deadly pitfall ours has. As most of you probably already know, due to the high compounding interest rate of non-bank users, certain players such as *cough cough*, zoa, have managed to amass unrealistically high amounts of money up to 150,000 bucks. This is inflation at its finest, and it normally would'nt be a problem, but in this situation, players who do not spend as much time on the server, or have foolishly spent there money like me, have been largely left in the shadows. So basically, diamonds are worth 70 cr bucks for most of the players, and so all of the players can purchase them at that price, even zoa, who would have to buy 2140 of my diamonds at said price for spend his fourtune ok i think i really overanalyzed this whole thing, but basically we need to get the bank interest working and i think this might be a really usefull guide for setting up the economy better, and maybe for paraphrasing and putting onto signs at spawn for everyone to read. - http://thebattlecraft.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=658
  10. AzoraFrika

    Hey thanks for the reply. Its all sorted out now though, someone promoted me. (= thank you
  11. AzoraFrika

    hello, how do I get build permissions to make a house? It says i'm not allowed to build since i'm a guest.
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