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  1. So I finally have a general opinion of the first episode of the new Berserk after thinking about it for a few days. -Awful CG animation, Like shitty shitty shitty PS2 era cut-scenes, the thing everyone is complaining about, yet possibly the only thing there is to complain about in the first episode, because otherwise it's flawless. +The rare moments of 2D animation when they do happen look gorgeous, the characters come to life better than they ever have, too bad 2D animation is so rare so far. +They nailed the atmosphere perfectly, this might be the first Berserk anime to truly fee
  2. I've seen vids over the years and it looks interesting. I think it has a lot of potential.
  3. I wouldn't wish integrated graphics on my worst enemy. good luck with that, I still remember the pains of only having a laptop with intel integrated graphics 2000. It was terrible. That now 4 year old laptop now has windows 10 and somehow works better. 10 must be way lighter than 7.
  4. I don't consider the game playing like battlefield to be a con, since the first 2 battlefront games were literally Battlefield 1942 clones with an added 3rd person view, but even then it's nothing like battlefield 3 or 4(some might find this dissapointing) Also about the leaked footage, the leakers were idiots, EA straight up made us sign a NDA before even touching the game and they knew full well that their videos would be taken down and accounts banned, EA told us that would happen even before the test started.
  5. That should work, however after the upgrade your original key 8.1 key will not work for full reinstall. I believe Win 10 becomes tied to your Microsoft account in the the event you need to reinstall it. /offtopic So I really like 10 so far! nothing I have broke as far as I'm aware, wasn't expecting that!
  6. Updated slightly. The game was released in japan on the 4th and will be released in the US on the 16th! I'm holding out for the US version, not long now. I bought a PS4 fightpad(because fightsticks cost too damn much) just for this game. the PS4 has a built in streaming feature so you can check Twitch.tv daily for live streams of the game, many people already stream the PS3 version as well using traditional streaming methods. This game has crossplay between PS3 and PS4 so no matter which version you get you're playing with all the same people, the PS3 version is just less pretty.
  7. I always keep my pc in performance and I just set it so the HDD doesn't sleep. when I manually put it to sleep it still crashes on wakeup. I will try it one more to just to be sure though.
  8. OK SO every goddamn time my PC goes to sleep it crashes into a diagnostic screen, which forces me to restart it. it doesn't seem to be overheating so I'm not too sure whats going on, it's extremely consistent. I dunno it might be something really obvious. Just in case AMD FX 6300 series 6 core processor @ 3.5Gz AMD/ATI MSI 1GB 7700 series graphics card some old ass Biostar motherboard(A960D+) LEPA 350w power supply
  9. -sorry forgot I posted this- Dammit I was hoping that wasn't it but it seems to be the only thing it can be. Windows 7 sp1 Firefox She appears to have lost her win7 restore disc somehow. I'll try stroh's method first. EDIT my antivirus is adamantly blocking Smitfraudfix, false positive?
  10. Another edit. The game is slated to be release this fall, for PS3 and PS4. The PS3 version is 720p native @ 60fps while the PS4 version is 1080p, 60fps. the game will have cross online play between both systems. I believe this is the first fighting game ever to feature cross platform online play.
  11. So Kayla is having issues with her ASUS Notebook. she ended up with some malware through a fake flash player update which I had since fixed myself. however now when she attempts to put an URL in any of her web browsers nothing happens, searches do nothing either. I can not for the life of me figure out what is wrong with it.
  12. I have this PC not a beast and lacks an optical drive but it does what it does well enough for less than 600 dollars. I would go with what Canga says though, since you might end up with a better deal.
  13. It's my second favorite Ghibli film(ok not really made by ghibli but close enough) And the first one I actually saw. The original manga Miyazaki used to fund the film is very good too, and has a better more complete story, the anime just kinda stops halfway through.
  14. My girlfriend loves this series, she's been buying the manga for it. It's surprising how much more graphic the manga is.
  15. Going on a Necrospree here. This is my favorite Ghibli film of all time, with Naausica being my second favorite. they both have obviously influenced the design and worlds of many final fantasy games which may be part of the reason I love them so much. I grew up with those games and they're still some of my favorite. I can also say this film has such a wonderful soundtrack, and one so different from Naausica(which is also a great score)
  16. Never gonna get old, Never gonna stop falling for these. Never gonna care if people hate it. On topic I'm a Metal and Hard Rock man mostly. I also have a fondness for french house, but then again who doesn't. The Faceless (Progressive Death Metal) give it a listen, this song is tame. Killswitch Engage (Metalcore) probably the single most popular song in this entire subgenre. Devildriver (Groove Metal) one of most talented bands of this subgenre, not so tame. Tool (Alternative Metal) If Tool and Daft Punk have 1 thing in common, it would be that you can't dislike them and
  17. It is very awesome, even with my low-ish specs it's pretty amazing. AMD FX6300 6 core@ 3.50GHz 8GB of Ram @1333MHz 1TB HDD AMD Radeon HD 7730 1GB GDDR5 I intend to upgrade to 16 Gigs of 1600MHz ram and at least a Radeon 260X since that would be a pretty supstantial increase of power.
  18. errm sorry about that. I bought a new PC a few weeks ago primarilly for PC gaming so I don't have to deal with a shitty laptop anymore. I can actually play this game now. I was getting like 15fps on that damn thing it was horrible so I eventually gave up. but now it basically doesn't drop below 59 it's like a whole new game. ...so this is what PC gaming is really like. I've been missing out.
  19. Double topic. I deleted the dupe.
  20. Slight nitpick: KH:CoM was on Gameboy Advance not DS, then Remade in 3D on PS2.
  21. My girlfriend has some volumes of this in her manga collection. it's definitely the best pokemon adaption though what they did with the gym leaders and elite four was weird.
  22. Stickied. The more activity in the anime section the better as far as I'm concerned.
  23. It's in my avatar so I might as well mention it. It's been among my absolute favorite series for a very long time and so I would personally recommend it. It is however very polarizing and there is a very vocal hatedom, so YMMV. The story takes place in the year 2015, some time after a global disaster call the "Second Impact" nearly destoyed the world, it follows Shinji, an emotionally maladjusted 14 year old boy who is invited to worl at NERV HQ, his fathers top secret facility. on the way he encounters his first "Angel". Massive creature of unknown origin invading the earth. he's forced
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