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  1. now when this says ongoing do you mean the anime or the manga, bc the anime kinda drops you off with a shit ending :S well i didnt understand it, prob due to alcohol :C
  2. sounds great i lol'd at first two options
  3. O 3 O soooo cooooolll i want lol
  4. well popsicle_ninja lol but name is justin seagroves
  5. if at all possible it would b super awesome sauce if it was tekkit.wabuf.com
  6. yaaaa, maybe we could have planned battles? or objectives
  7. lol ya i did that yesterday surrounding chunk mart, hope no1 minds
  8. are u never gonna run around and desert me O,o
  9. i think def no worldgaurd and we could have the rules of engagment/ sabotage btw companies would b alot of the other members would have to b on in order to make an attempt so they could foil u lol that is if we choose to do that lol if not then it will still b awesome
  10. i love the 4 way tie for second T.T
  11. ya sadly im busy all tomorrow maybe i can catch some post game fun if im lucky
  12. HOW DARE U JCIVIL!!!!! lol ya hasnt been alot of actibity on the server recnently almost all the time i check theres either 1 or 0 ppl on :/
  13. this sounds awesome i dont see any of the trusted or even most of the + ppl greifer just cuz we all care about this server lol i respect u guys too much to greif lol
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