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  1. Last game I bought was GTA 5 for my ps4 (which came with cod IW and remastered) I recently bought. Other than that Pokemon Sun and Moon were the most recent I bought back in November
  2. Happy Birthday Rhino! Heard you are finally legal in Canada now my friend, enjoy it!
  3. I've been busy with school, volunteer work, work and baseball. Plus I haven't had a computer of my own in a year so I've tried to stay active in the forums from my phone. But most spare time I spend I'm looking at universities for next year. Once I get a laptop for school I'll be on a little bit more but that won't be for a month or so. That's about all that keeps me busy now.
  4. I've never had Netflix and don't plan on getting it any time soon, and the only shows I watch on tv now are on the food network or tsn. But I have this nifty app on my phone that allows me to watch TV shows and movies for free and I've been watching: Naruto Naruto Shippuden Breaking Bad Blue Mountain State Pokemon (here and there) And a bit of real husband's of Hollywood I might start watching backstrom though.
  5. I don't know of any local pizza places around here (but quite a few local sushi, Greek and thai though). But chain is always panago, always love treating myself there
  6. I would be up for either game they both look really fun too me so I would be fine with either one, and hopefully I can get off my damn windows xp computer soon, so does anyone have suggestions for computers i should get?
  7. Welp looks like the villagers took over our server Jokes aside if any of you didn't know mojangs april fools prank was all skins were changed to villagers and the default resource pack was the element animations one, here is a video of a bit of it
  8. I was just looking through some snapshot videos and saw this one, I think now more people will be more willing to make a enderman xp farm since this one is really easy and cheap to make and you get a great rate of endermen spawning.
  9. He is still liable to become perm banned, he has to try and prove himself innocent, but at this rate I highly doubt it.
  10. I assumed he was modding, just never knew how to check. *(Noted, I'm an idiot. - Lief) But I was suspicious on how quickly he got full diamond and why he made a shop selling valuable ores.
  11. I will try my best, any specific colors you want jonas?
  12. I might be able to do something, I would also need to know the specifics on what you want, but I could help out, unless you want something professional-like because I am still an amateur on photo editing, but I could do something
  13. ScHoolboy Q has released his album "Oxymoron" today, I personally think this is a great album. Here is a song off the album: Anyways this also got me thinking what music are you all listening to now?
  14. Alright I was able to download steam, my profile name is "Lazy_Sp00n" Edit: suggest a game or two i should download
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