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Welcome to the home of craft.wabuf.com, a Minecraft Server. Our worlds are based on a unique mixture of economy, build and survival. We have dozens of plugins; many of which are available to regular members! Give and WorldEdit commands are reserved for Staff and serious builders.

All administrative positions are full, so please do not ask to be promoted! This is intended to be a normal SMP server. Administrators only use these plugin abilities to manage griefing and aid in large, organized projects.

Have fun out there! Rest assured knowing that we have a secure, no-tolerance griefing policy along with regular backups!


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  1. Last game I bought was GTA 5 for my ps4 (which came with cod IW and remastered) I recently bought. Other than that Pokemon Sun and Moon were the most recent I bought back in November
  2. Happy Birthday Rhino! Heard you are finally legal in Canada now my friend, enjoy it!
  3. I assume your in game name is the exact same as on here, promoted
  4. I've been busy with school, volunteer work, work and baseball. Plus I haven't had a computer of my own in a year so I've tried to stay active in the forums from my phone. But most spare time I spend I'm looking at universities for next year. Once I get a laptop for school I'll be on a little bit more but that won't be for a month or so. That's about all that keeps me busy now.
  5. I've never had Netflix and don't plan on getting it any time soon, and the only shows I watch on tv now are on the food network or tsn. But I have this nifty app on my phone that allows me to watch TV shows and movies for free and I've been watching: Naruto Naruto Shippuden Breaking Bad Blue Mountain State Pokemon (here and there) And a bit of real husband's of Hollywood I might start watching backstrom though.
  6. I'd be down if somebody feels like mailing me a computer or laptop if I don't have anything planned
  7. I don't know of any local pizza places around here (but quite a few local sushi, Greek and thai though). But chain is always panago, always love treating myself there
  8. gg, but it would have been tougher if regen was off.
  9. So I ran the 6 people that are attending into a random team generator and how about these teams? Wabuf Coaster Autumntide Canga Seanlawson Lazy
  10. So the starting time is 6:30 est and 3:30 pst, correct? Just want to make sure so I know how early to wake up.
  11. I am in, I am available most days too play
  12. Promoted and welcome!
  13. I will assume arctic_dwarf is ninja_patch, but both of you have been promoted to member and welcome to the server!
  14. Promoted to member and welcome!
  15. Whoops, I missed that when I first saw this, thanks!