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Found 4 results

  1. Don't you just love those in-game purchases? Me neither. Join me for a brief demonstration on how to refill your lives for free! All demonstrations are strictly educational.
  2. http://youtu.be/MReaOM85VT8 Robo Defense is one of the best Android defensive strategy games on the market to date. Check out Wabuf playing on the Nexus 10, in its native 2.5K resolution! Gameplay begins at 3:14. WEBSITE - http://TheChunkRepublic.com ROBO DEFENSE - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.magicwach.rdefense RECORDED USING - [Device] Google Nexus 10; Android 4.4.4 - [Gameplay Video] SCR ScreenRecorder Pro - [Gameplay Audio] AudioBox Bridge via Audition - [Gameplay Vocal] USB Microphone via QuickTime MUSIC IN BACKGROUND - Affelaye - Never Felt Real
  3. Why yes, I believe it can be done... After writing the Google Nexus 10 tablet review, I wondered if it had any possibilities in the realm of gaming. The question (sort of a challenge) was posed to see if I could get Minecraft to work on my tablet. Technically speaking, my tablet is both running and not running Minecraft. My Android tablet does not have Java or any framework compatible with Minecraft, but I set up TeamViewer for remote control of my Mac from the Nexus. TeamViewer is a lot like Goto My PC, but free for non-commercial use. I opted for quality over speed because both devi
  4. Google Nexus 10, Tablet Computer (screen images simulated) This review is based on roughly a month of ownership in the most diverse and harshest environments--Northeast Ohio in one of the most historically extreme winters on record. As the purchasing agent for my company, I purchased the Nexus 10 tablet based on its superior specifications, build quality and value. The tablet was released to the market in the fall of 2013 being hailed the highest resolution and best overall offerings in the android tablet world. Let's begin with the resolution. Better than anything Apple-based R
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